Day: September 26, 2008

Programming note: Hear me on Comical Radio today

Hey comedy fans, I have to step away from the computer today (and not just because it’s my birthday, although that’s a very good reason to not spend all Friday tip-tap-typing away), but if you want to know what’s going on in the comedy business, you can hear me talk about it today on Comical Radio. Marc Maron, Todd Glass and Tony Woods are also among this afternoon’s guests from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Eastern, and I should be on in the 2 p.m. hour. Tune in, why don’t...

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Comedy Underground opens new Seattle club

The Comedy Underground, my original home club, has a new home in Seattle’s Pioneer Square and opens the doors tonight at 109 S. Washington St. (about two blocks from the spot it occupied from 1981 until this summer, when building renovations forced the move). And yes, it’ll still be located beneath Swannie’s sports bar. Congrats and good luck! Sorry I cannot be there to help open the doors. Even Jerry Seinfeld has fond memories of the old joint, telling the P-I last year: "Seattle is my favorite city. It’s the first place anyone ever liked me. When I played the Comedy Underground in 1983 I sold out a house for the very first time. That was really the beginning of everything for me. I feel like I owe my whole career to...

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Why you need a little Whiplash

The UCB Theatre in New York City has a tradition of offering great stand-up comedy showcases for free late-night Mondays. For a while, Aziz Ansari hosted the showcase under the name Crash Test. Then Ansari got all Human Giant, and the showcases took a break. Leo Allen has taken over hosting duties in the 11 p.m. Monday timeslot, now known as Whiplash. This week, audiences got treated to Allen, Sean Patton, Eugene Mirman, Janeane Garofalo, John Mulaney and Hannibal Buress. For free! (Well, there is the "Bucket of Truth" to accept your comedy donations afterward, but still…) So imagine my surprise this week to see the house only half full?! You’re missing out, people! Janeane Garofalo, pictured here resting her bad back. "Mama’s got a bum stem!" she told the crowd. Photo by Mindy Tucker. More photos at With...

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The return of The Sarah Silverman Program

Are you ready for new episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program to appear on Comedy Central? The show returns to the airwaves on Wednesday, Oct. 8. To pique your interest, the TV gods have prepared this reel of goodies for you to enjoy: See more Sarah Silverman videos at Funny or...

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