Day: September 24, 2008

Video: Imaginary Bats Home Gym

This ad spoof from the Talk Show with Spike Feresten, Imaginary Bats Home Gym, stars Andre du Bouchet. Swat, swat, swat those pounds away! The show bills this segment as "Comedy For Stoners," which also seems like code words, a euphemism as it were, for "Comedy For Tim & Eric Fans, Who Are Stoners." Either way, enjoy! See more funny videos at Funny or...

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Watch me on Red Eye

Hey comedy fans, if you were up late last night, as I was, you may have seen me on your TV screens attempting to say a witty thing or two about current events on the late-night news-talk-infotainment program, Red Eye, on the FOX News Channel. (Spoiler alert: It was me) At the end of the program, host Greg Gutfeld says you can catch episodes of the show online at Hulu, and today, they did post the "halftime report," in which I appear for about a blip and a half, as well as another segment of quips. To protect the innocent from this self-promotional post, these clips appears after the...

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In other news, blogs…

King Magazine publishes a brief, and already somewhat old oral history of Chappelle’s Show. And by old, I mean it sounds as though these interviews happened years ago. The New York Times profiles B.J. Novak, who has seen his career rise as a writer/performer on The Office, which starts its fifth season on Thursday. Jeffrey Ross was the first contestant eliminated on this season’s Dancing With the Stars. You’re...

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