Day: September 22, 2008

Preview: Little Britain USA on HBO

Matt Lucas and David Williams have brought their many "Little Britain" characters to America, and their new Americanized edition of the show, Little Britain USA, debuts Sunday, Sept. 28, on HBO. They’ll be making the promotional rounds all week, including TV stops on Leno tonight and Conan on Wednesday (they’ll also be meeting the masses at 8 p.m. Wednesday in New York City at the Apple Store in SoHo). You can watch several teaser videos on the HBO site here. And here, the fellas talk about their new...

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Dane Cook’s sentimental legal defense in the name of comedy muses

TMZ uploaded the 29-page defense that Dane Cook‘s attorneys submitted Sept. 16 in their attempt to keep him from getting evicted from the La Fontaine apartments in West Hollywood (a block from the Laugh Factory, as Jamie Masada explains in an attached affadavit!) because he failed to scoop his dog’s poop. Or something like that. Spoiler alert? Cook’s appeal for a stay of execution…denied. I trudged through the paperwork today, and found his sentimental defense to read more than a little unintentionally funny. Only in L.A., right? Let’s take a look at Cook’s defense, and then we’ll have a question or two for you… "John Belushi and Steve Martin are both former tenants of the premises in which I have lived for the past 10 years; I especially wanted to live in this unit for exactly that reason. I had met with the building manager at that time…who offered me an interview and eventually the unit that John Belushi had lived in, it was my dream to be on Saturday Night Live, and to live in the unit of one of the great legends was overwhelming and after living in that unit, I felt a creative drive that I had never felt before. It’s a little bit like the superstition that athletes have, before games, about a favorite bat or shoe, or the order in which they gear up;...

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2008 SF Comedy Competition: Week two winners

Advancing from the second half of the preliminary round in the 2008 San Francisco Comedy Competition (via Moshe Kasher, Derick Lengwenus, Jacob Sirof, Leif Skyving and Steve White. They join the first week winners (Tyler Boeh, Brent Weinbach, Murv Seymour, Jose Sarduy and Dax Jordan) in the six nights of semifinal rounds, which begin Tuesday in...

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