Day: September 21, 2008

Quips and comedy awards at the 60th Primetime Emmys

"What if I just kept talking for 12 minutes? What would happen? That was the opener." — Jeremy Piven, winning his third consecutive Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy for Entourage. The hosts talked for only five minutes, Piven. It just felt like 12. Having the five nominees for reality show host host the Emmys was a downright dreadful idea, and somehow even worse in the execution. "I can’t tell you how proud I am to be part of a television program that promotes the gratuitous indulgence of self-gratification. But enough about the Emmys." — Julia Louis-Dreyfus, after a clip from "The Contest" episode of Seinfeld. Perhaps the funniest bit: When Ricky Gervais came out and entered a staredown shakedown with Steve Carrel, who accepted Gervais’ Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy last year. It began with Gervais: "I couldn’t come last year, which was a shame, but I still won. Do you remember? Thanks for that. The press called it a major upset, which means they thought I shouldn’t have won. They’ve asked me to give you some pointers on how to make a good acceptance speech. I don’t know why, as I’ve never made one, I wasn’t here. Still won one, though. Keep it short….please keep it short, particularly if you’re not onscreen talent. No one wants to hear from a producer. Don’t cry....

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SNL #34.2, with James Franco, Kings of Leon

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Stand-up comedian Kumail Nanjiani got a speaking role (as in, more than a regular extra gig) on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, as one of 50 reporters in a sketch lampooning the liberal elite of the New York Times that even FOX News will love and probably want to show a gabillion times on its TV network, which probably explains why NBC hasn’t put it on Hulu yet. But let’s not worry about that right this second. Kumail’s part is probably the highlight of the show, which says something about how the audience didn’t react to the celebrity cameos last night. So let’s get to recapping! The cold open: John McCain comes into a recording studio to personally approve each of his messages for campaign ads, which is SNL’s way of skewering both how out of touch McCain is with technology as well as how insane the campaign ads are. Example: Obama supports universal health care, which must mean he supports health care for the entire universe, including Osama bin Laden. Curiously, they also use the "he fathered two black children" joke that I heard a comic use earlier last week in the Boston Comedy Festival. Not accusing anyone of anything. Just noticed the coincidence and passing it along to you. UPDATED: Politico claims Al Franken, original SNL writer and current...

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MADtv #14.2, with Audrina from The Hills

MADtv embraced its spoofiness even more than usual last night, as only one routine in the entire show was not based on an actual person and/or existing TV/movie concept. And that bit involved Bobby Lee and Johnny Sanchez interacting with people on a Los Angeles sidewalk, getting them to taste an awful "Rice and Beans" protein bar, all to see how desperate people are to get on TV. Which, as you already may suspect, is quite easy these days as people love getting themselves on TV. Which, as you may or may not have suspected, makes it all the more convenient that this episode also featured Audrina from The Hills, aka the one with the dark hair who has shown her breast implants to the world. New cast members Matt Braunger and Eric Price got more camera time in a couple of sketches — one, a series of eHarmony ad spoofs; the other, a segment from "Best Damn Sports Show Period" in which they play rival members of the Brett Favre Fan Club (Green Bay vs. New York). A back-and-forth bit alternating from an "Ikeaclasts" show and a "FOX News" breaking report going negative on Obama was a highlight. Nicole Parker does a really good impersonaton of Ellen DeGeneres. And, heck, why don’t I just show you the entire episode, through the magic of Hulu, and let you take...

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Blogging the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival (win, place and show!)

Spoiler alert! Oh, wait. It’s an event, results happened, we were there, and if you missed it, you missed it, so there’s nothing to spoil, only news to share in the finals of the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival’s stand-up comedy competition. And here are your top three finishers, as announced live Saturday night at the Cutler Majestic Theatre. Boston Comedy Festival 2008 Winners!Uploaded by thecomicscomic 1) Dwight Slade2) Andrew Norelli3) Myq Kaplan Congrats. Full recap and analysis to come later...

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