Day: September 18, 2008

Blogging the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival (prelims 7-8)

You’ve all been waiting for this (sorry about the wait), it’s the two final preliminary competitions in the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival contest, so let’s get to recapping… Prelim 7 winners: Byron Bowers, Jessi Campbell, Dave Waite, Drew Thomas When Bowers took the stage, he joked about being the fourth consecutive black stand-up comic in this round, as well as how Obama is a much better presidential option than the Rev. Al Sharpton. A set routine about his grandmother’s fanciful stories managed to take a localized turn into a tale of her stripping at the Boston Tea Party. Another bit, about this summer’s salmonella scare, he took as a plot to get rid of Mexicans, and demonstrated it by replacing salmonella with X food to get rid of Y races. Closed with married role-playing and an act-out of the LAPD. Campbell had "bitten the bullet" by going first, but the Minnesota comic — who started out a bit too loud — got some energy in the room with bits about an encounter with a woman in the bathroom that turned steamy, buying a gun and reporting it to the cops during a traffic stop, showering for a ghost, and the dangers in feeding a bear. Unlike many comedians of her size, she never acknowledged or poked fun at her own expense. That probably scored extra points with the judges....

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In other news, blogs…

Amy Poehler talks to USA Today today about her imminent departure from SNL. Seth Meyers says replacing Poehler won’t be easy: "She has a real connection with the audience," he says. "She looks like she’s having a lot of fun, and it’s contagious. It’s going to be hard for one person to replace her." The Apiary asks today, Where is the next Rififi? For those of you not near the East Village in Manhattan, that was the hub for the comedy community to gather and perform outside of the mainstream comedy club system. So, where will they go next? Note: I’m one of the folks asked this question in this post. My answer tends to jibe with others who commented so far. Where do you think the comedy community should congregate and flourish next in NYC? You can read my full answer to Mo after the jump, if you’re curious… Where is the next Rififi? Good question. Closing as it did just as the dog days of summer hit meant we didn’t really need to answer that question in August.So it’s only now that we’re starting to actually need to address it.It’s a two-parter.Where will comedians who want to produce eclectic, quality shows outside of the mainstream clubs choose to perform?And where will comedians want to hang out?So far, the strongest newcomer to the scene has been the lounge...

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“The Love Guru” outtakes: Stephen Colbert and Jim Gaffigan!

Just when I thought I might have to rent the DVD of The Love Guru to see the funny provided by Jim Gaffigan and Stephen Colbert, the fine folks at the No Fact Zone (with an assist from Videogum) have done so for me and passed along this deleted scene improvisational fun-time surprise. Needless to say, it’s Not Safe For Work. Gaffigan and Colbert, reminders to you all, played hockey broadcasters in the booth for the big game. Sample exchange: "I would not want to be his balls." "I don’t even think his balls want to be his balls." Five minutes of funny, followed by bloopers: Back In the Booth With Trent and Jay (Uncensored)Uploaded by...

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Tim & Tom: Comedy’s black-and-white team

Before Tim Reid was Venus Flytrap on WKRP on Cincinnati, and before Tom Dreesen was warming up audiences for Frank Sinatra, Tim & Tom were perhaps the first "and sadly the last" black-and-white comedy team in the early 1970s, as Dreesen told the Chicago Tribune. (via Shecky) The Trib’s story today caught up with the two comics as they begin a monthlong promotional tour for their new book, "Tim & Tom: An American Comedy in Black and White." They performed for audiences all-black, all-white, and mixed alike, with bits such as Superspade and the Courageous Caucasian, but could never break through as a mainstream hit. They’ll appear Sept. 23 on The Late Show with David Letterman. Check out their book tour appearances and get other info on the Tim & Tom...

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Microsoft boots Seinfeld, reboots ad campaign

Microsoft announced today that it was launching a new ad campaign — without Jerry Seinfeld — and that that was part of the plan all along. The new ads that begin today open with a guy who looks like John Hodgman so they can play off of the "I’m a PC" notion, cutting between celebrities and regular folk to say it’s more than OK to be a PC person. As David Webster, a general manager of brand marketing for the Big M explained: "We needed to gently say to people, We’re back, we’d like to talk to you. When you have been out of the public conversation about a brand for a little bit of time, there is a point where you want to warm people up and get into the conversation a little more smoothly." (AdWeek) They certainly got people talking, because the two short films that starred Seinfeld and Big M’s Big Guy, Bill Gates, were lengthy, odd and well, yeah. I’ve already posted the debut short. Here is the other short, which lasts more than four minutes and has Seinfeld and Gates pretending to live with and as regular people (including that guy who gave newspapers a bad name in The Wire!). Weird. It has gotten more than 1.2 million views on the YouTube so far…it is funny, albeit in a weird, awkward way. Did anyone...

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