Day: September 16, 2008

Who is the anonymous comedian criticizing Rolling Stone’s comedy issue?

Rolling Stone just published online a letter the magazine received from a comedian who appears in the current comedy issue, "What’s So Funny?" And we quote: The issue made me sick. The majority of the people in it are, for the most part, the worst sort of comedy whores, and you, as a magazine, are a pimp. I don’t know a more polite or politic way to put it. They soulleslly (sic) perform what should be sacred rituals in return for sums of money. Whores. This is from someone claiming to be quoted/featured in the issue, mind you. I have the issue in a stack of things I need to read, so I don’t know the comedian’s identity. Do you? Any guesses? Please feel free to...

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Blogging the 2008 Boston Comedy Festival (prelims 3-4)

Not all contest preliminary groups in the Boston Comedy Festival are created alike. That's the first thing that has to be said for prelims 3-4 last night. In the late show, you could make a case for at least eight of the 12 comedians to make it through to the semis, but there only were slots for four. As for the early show, well, that was a tougher show to grade, because quite a few comedians were off. Andrew Norelli, going up seventh in the order, used this as his opening remark to the audience at the Hard Rock Cafe: "I know we're making it look like it's not fun, but it's fun!" Also, each of the first four prelims has proved problematic for comedians attempting to deal with the wireless microphone — grabbing it from the stand, at least one comic per group manages to turn the mic off, and thereby momentarily derailing their sets. Tech proficiency can be just as important in delivering and connecting with the audience. Please make a note of it. Thanks. With that, let's get to who advanced and why… Prelim 3 winners: Andrew Norelli, Tom Dustin, Eric Hunter, Rob O'Reilly Norelli acknowledged the early roughgoing and proceeded to get the audience on his side by talking about steroids in baseball, and how other drugs might make it better. A routine on massages...

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Tragedy + Time = Comedy (flow chart)

Did you like that earlier flow chart attempting to explain all of comedy? Then perhaps you will like Doogie’s latest venture, in which he shows you how to decipher the formula of converting tragedy into comedy over time. If only he’d have someone check for typos. That’s the real tragedy here. Are you with me? Ladies? What. Too soon? (Comic Vs....

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The Comedy Festival reveals 2008 headliners for Vegas

With festivals on the brain, time to check in and see what TBS has in store for the 2008 version of The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas, going it alone this November since HBO seemingly got out of the comedy confab business (still listed down low on the site as a sponsor, though). They’d already announced that Ellen DeGeneres would return with another variety TV broadcast at Caesars Palace, and now we see they’re bringing Jerry Seinfeld back, too, with other headlining slots going to Mike Epps, David Alan Grier, Russell Peters, Andrew Dice Clay and Tracy Morgan. Tickets go on sale Sept. 26. More info to...

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The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

Eugene Mirman has announced the planned lineups for his crazy-yet-true-because-it-is-Eugene-after-all comedy festival named for him, taking place Sept. 25-28 in Brooklyn. Mirman pretty much has it covered — most of his usual and unusual suspects will appear over those four days and nights at two venues, Union Hall (where Mirman already hosts the popular Tearing the Veil of Maya showcase on Sundays with Michael Showalter in Park Slope) and The Bell House (a new joint the Union Hall folks are opening nearby). Time Out NY playfully hinted at what a Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival might look like, with hints from Mirman himself. Want to see who’s scheduled to perform? The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Sept. 25 (8 p.m.), The Bell House: Opening Night Awards Gala. Eugene Mirman hosts, with Seth Herzog, Bobby Tisdale, Patrick Borelli, Janeane Garofalo and many special guests. Fake awards show with food, "Bobby Bingo" and after party DJed by Craig Baldo. Sept. 26 (9 p.m.), The Bell House: Invite Them Up. Bobby Tisdale hosts, with John Oliver, Aziz Ansari, Eugene Mirman, Ron Lynch and special guests. Sept. 26 (5:30 p.m.), Union Hall: Eugene Mirman’s Fresh Faces of Comedy. Larry Murphy, Greg Johnson, Dave Hill, Kumail Nanjiani, Peanutbutter and more. Sept. 26 (7 p.m.), Union Hall: One of Each, featuring Aziz Ansari, Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress, Morgan Murphy, Joe Wong, John Roberts and more. Sept. 27...

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