Day: September 5, 2008

The Bastion says goodbye?!

Chicago comedy blog The Bastion unleashed a flurry of posts today, then followed that up with an announcement that it was closing up shop. What gives?! We hardly knew ye! Good luck to Elizabeth and Kristy on their future projects, and to everyone else in the Chicago comedy community, too. We’ll have to look elsewhere for our Second City news...

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The Bonnie Hunt Show, starting Monday Sept. 8

If Ellen can do it, and Rosie could do it, then why can’t Bonnie Hunt bring her witty skills to daytime TV? Eggsactly. So The Bonnie Hunt Show debuts on Monday, Sept. 8. She’s got her own YouTube channel with short promos for the talker. Though Hunt hails from Chicago and Second City, her show will tape from Southern California. Robin Williams will be her first guest. It airs at noon in Los Angeles, 2 p.m. in New York City, Chicago and the Bay Area (check here for local listings). Good luck,...

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“Shoe Circus,” the Seinfeld-Bill Gates Microsoft ad

So you may have heard that Microsoft would pay comedian Jerry Seinfeld a gabunch of money (gabunch is a technical term meaning roughly $10 million) to help promote Windows and Vista and everything else Microsoft. Last night, the first ad debuted. It’s 90 seconds, which is an eternity in TV commercial timespans. But more importantly, we should note that it’s Microsoft’s founding poobah, Bill Gates, who makes the ad worth repeat viewing. This is how I’ve always imagined the super-rich walk through life, only funnier, because it’s my imagination, remember. You can view it best at Microsoft’s Windows site. Obviously. They’ve also uploaded it YouTube (along with several other copycatters). Churros,...

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Why tech matters in comedy

Does your comedy show include videos, songs, soundtracks, lights, or any kind of a set? Then perhaps you might want to consider how that all will work smoothly and not get in the way of the funny. If you have attended a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York anytime over the past few years, you’ve seen how great tech makes a funny show funnier. Thank Pat Baer for this. And now, Baer shares some tips for you (via The...

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So You Think You Can Roast?

The Friars Club’s So You Think You Can Roast? contest tonight with a wild card audition today at Carolines. Voting continues online for the second round roast of George Takei. Future roasts will have hopeful comedians taking shots at Omarosa (Sept. 22) and Gary Dell’Abate (Oct. 6), competing for a chance to take part in the Friars Club Roast of Matt Lauer on Oct. 24. Of the current clips up for votes, I think Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald (aka Nick Stevens) brought the right attitude to the festivities (though Dave Konig and Geno Bisconte also provided ample jokes) and made Takei laugh the most. Here is Fitzy’s NSFW portion of the...

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