Day: August 25, 2008

Reid Faylor, Funniest Person in Cincinnati 2008

Congratulations go to Reid Faylor, who won the Funniest Person in Cincinnati contest held throughout the month at Go Bananas. Here is some video from Faylor’s winning performance, courtesy of my friends at RooftopComedy. Enjoy! Related: Reid Faylor answered questions for RooftopComedy earlier this year as a finalist in that site’s National College Comedy Competition. Related to the Related: The San Francisco Chronicle writes today about the goings on at RooftopComedy, based in San Francisco and bringing comedy to the Web, while trying to adapt to changing business models for doing...

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Get well soon, Joe Powers!

Word came in today from multiple sources in the New York comedy community, and I’m passing it along to you: Comedian Joe Powers survived a serious accident this weekend and is currently at Bellevue Hospital in stable but very serious condition in the intensive care unit. While the injuries he sustained are serious, he is doing well. if anyone wants to pay a visit many comedians will be there this Tuesday ( any other day is fine as well). His family has greatly appreciated the outpouring of support and his doctors think that continued stimulation will only speed his recovery. He is at Bellevue Hospital (27th and 1st Ave) -H building – 10th floor -Surgical ICU . Visiting hours are pretty much...

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Wainy Days: The end?

Where did the summer go? One minute, I look up from my computer monitor and find out that several Wainy Days have passed us by, and here it is, episode #26, and David Wain himself is saying, "If my life was a webseries, I would say there is enough episodes and it’s time to stop!" The Hollywood sets really did give the series a different feel from Brooklyn, wouldn’t you agree? Well, that, and having Elizabeth Banks make out with Alicia Witt. That always helps. Not a spoiler alert, but a major tease! So, with yet another NSFW warning, enjoy. Oh, and a brief glimpse at Wain’s upcoming motion picture, Role Models, due out in November. To catch up with all of the third season of Wainy Days, start here on My Damn...

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Boston Comedy Festival 2008 contest participants

The ninth annual Boston Comedy Festival starts next month, and, as in past years, the centerpiece of the weeklong fest is its stand-up comedy contest. Having served as a judge for part of this contest in 2005 and 2006, and having witnessed other parts of it, I’m still struck by how random it can be. The competition’s structure dictates this, as you have one chance in your prelim to finish in the top two of 11 or 12 that night and move on to the semifinal, then again, one chance to move on to the finals. Makes your initial placement that much more vital, as well as knowing who your judges are. Are they old? Are they industry? Are they local? This year, the odds are a little better, as apparently four comics will advance from each prelim to the semis. This year’s prelims (posted after the jump!) includes more than a fair share of Boston-area comedians, but also plenty of folks from around the country with TV credits and experience headlining clubs. To whom do you give the early edge? Preliminary #1 Sunday Sept. 14, 7 pm Patrick Bulger (Berkeley, Calif.), Mike Burton (Conn.), J.L. Cauvin (Bronx, NY), David Foster (New York), David Grabiner (Cambridge), Dale Jones (Ill.), David Kaye (Pittsburgh), Matt Malley (Calif.), Kevin McCaffrey (Astoria, NY), Danielle Stewart (Calif.), Sean Sullivan (Brockton), Byron Bowers (Los Angeles)....

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