Day: August 19, 2008

Interview: John Mulaney

Yesterday was John Mulaney‘s first day at work as a writer on Saturday Night Live. That sounded as amazing to me hearing it as it was for Mulaney to say it to me last night. In an industry where people can get rich and famous for anything but merit, Mulaney’s success, even at the tender age of 25, is something upon which everyone can agree and can celebrate. Especially when we’re talking about a comedian who got his start onstage when he was 7. At 25, he brings a maturity that speaks beyond his years. So when we spoke on the phone, he naturally downplayed his youth. "I’m 47 years old. Isn’t that hilarious? It makes so much more sense now," he tells me. "No, I’m 25. People have started younger than me. I sometimes have regretted starting late. Starting at 20, because I could have done it in high school…but I’m glad I got to do normal things when I was young." Wait. Wait, wait, wait a second. 20? Didn’t you start comedy much younger than that? Right. "I always liked hanging out with adults and getting them to like me. In that sketch group Rugrats I was in (when I was 7)…and I was Nixon for Halloween when I was 10, and that was just to make parents laugh. I’d try to be funny. But it’d be...

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The Comic’s Comic: Now weekly in the Metro

Believe it or not, The Comic’s Comic is back in old-school print. Huzzah, hooray and all of that jazz! Starting today, if you’re in the New York City area, pick up a copy of the free newspaper Metro on Tuesdays to find the weekly Funny Page, brought to you by Comix and featuring a column by The Comic’s Comic. The page kicks off today with an interview of John Mulaney. Come back here later today for the complete...

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