Day: August 18, 2008

Iliza Shlesinger joins Jubilee show, Aug. 24-27

The Las Vegas Sun reports today that Iliza Shlesinger will claim part of her Last Comic Standing prize next week, joining the cast of Donn Arden’s Jubilee! at Bally’s Las Vegas from Aug. 24-27. And no, she won’t be topless, you perverts. She’ll be the stand-up comedian among the showgirls. Why such a short stint? Because she’s joining the other four finalists on a nationwide tour starting Aug. 29, that’s why. I caught up with Shlesinger this afternoon to find out what she has been up to, and this was her reply via email: I’ve been going up twice a night every night since the last show, sort of polishing any jokes that needed work. Las Vegas will be relaxing and a ton of fun. Quite frankly, I wish I could come back home and do more spots in the Original Room at the Comedy Store — that place is a fantastic training ground. Everyone keeps making an issue out of the fact that Shlesinger is the first female comedian to win LCS. Louis Ramey took issue with the show in an interview he did last week, saying his fans were more likely to DVR and TiVo the show, rather than watching it live. On the show, cameras captured Ramey trying to get his fellow male comedians to keep Shlesinger off camera. He told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune: "It’s the...

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Kent Haines, Philly’s Phunniest 2008 winner

Helium‘s two-week Philly’s Phunniest contest ended over the weekend, crowning Kent Haines its winner. Dave from Comic Vs. Audience has a recap and brief video interview with Haines. Related: Haines has a Web series on Sony’s Crackle Cspot channel called That Guy, which you can watch because you have the Internet, too. Episode 8 went up a week ago. Here is the first...

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Watch Bill Murray skydive

The other big comedy news in Chicago over the weekend came courtesy of Bill Murray, who jumped out of a plane with the Army to kick off the Chicago Air & Water Show. The Sun-Times and Tribune each filed reports; the Tribune’s CLTV also includes unedited videos from Army cameras of the entire skydive. He told one reporter this was the first time he’d worked directly with the Army since Stripes. He says the only thing that would make this jump better would be if he could land in Wrigley Field during the final game of the World Series. Who knows…maybe this October? And here is the AP’s condensed...

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Bernie Mac remembered in Chicago

While CNN rebroadcast its Larry King Live interview with the surviving members of the Original Kings of Comedy crew multiple times last week, that trio (D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey) and thousands more, including the mayor of Chicago, memorialized Bernie Mac on Saturday. Accounts also from The Chicago Sun-Times and The Chicago Tribune. Here is the AP video...

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Showtime scheduled Eddie Griffin special against Olympics

What did you do with your Saturday night?a) Out and aboutb) Watching the Summer Olympics coverage that included an insane 100m "Lightning" Bolt record dash, Michael Phelps getting his record eighth gold medal in swimming, and Dara Torres proving age ain’t nothing but a number?c) At home watching Eddie Griffin‘s new Showtime special, "Freedom of Speech"? What’s that? You didn’t know Griffin had a new TV special? Neither did I. And I’m guessing not too many people answered C, either. So we’ll just have to catch it on repeats later this month (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Aug. 26-27) or On Demand. I did flip over for a few minutes on Saturday night and saw it was on, and in that short time, heard Griffin exercising his freedom of speech with some dirty dirty talk. Guessing the title also references the hullabaloo the comedian got into last year when, hired to perform at a function for Black Enterprise magazine, the magazine’s publisher interrupted Griffin and stopped the performance because he was upset with the comedian’s use of "the...

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