Day: August 14, 2008

Greg Johnson runs naked across America

See what happens when Greg Johnson doesn’t have a weekly comedy show to host and produce in New York City? He winds up running across the country. Naked. Wait. What? It’s "Liberation Day." (Other filming info here) Run, Greg, run! Don’t worry, it’s...

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Video highlights with Wyatt Cenac

While we all wait with bated breath to hear if anyone new has made it onto the cast of Saturday Night Live, the folks over at The Daily Show have not been shy to pull the trigger on hiring new correspondents, and I have to hand it to them. After seeing some of their cast members leave to go on to starring TV and movie roles (Steve Carell, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert), they’ve successfully hired some bold replacements. John Oliver has more than proven himself worthy of any assignment. Rob Riggle has made big splashes traveling abroad to Iraq and China. And their hire of Wyatt Cenac this summer already has provided some classic new Daily Show moments. This one is my early favorite, in which Cenac meets with elderly Florida Jews to talk about Obama. The dinner talk is priceless! Since Cenac moved to New York for the show, I’ve also gotten to see him perform stand-up a few times in mainstream clubs and the smaller alt rooms. Sharp, edgy stuff about race. Here are a couple of clips of him in action onstage, courtesy of Effinfunny. Examples: Wyatt Cenac on how other n words are not the n word (NSFW, obvs); and on being single (also...

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Sean L. McCarthy, New York’s Funniest Reporter (2007)

Some of you know that I used to perform both improv and stand-up comedy. Some of you had no idea. Either way, I thought that if you’re going to come and visit and see what I have to say about the comedy world, then you might be curious to see what it looked like the last time I told jokes. This set is from the New York’s Funniest Reporter contest in October 2007, as part of the New York Underground Comedy Festival. I’ll put the video after the jump so you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. But if you want to laugh with me (or even at me), I’ll include some background self-analysis critiquing, too. OK. Here is the set: Sean L. McCarthy New York’s Funniest ReporterUploaded by thecomicscomic First, let me acknowledge that I had not performed in about six months before this contest. And I only have performed once since October, in the funniest comedian in NYC contest held the following month by the New York Comedy Festival (semifinalist). So I’m not looking for gigs on your show. That said, most of my stand-up career has been as a host, and perhaps my stage presence and crowd work reveals some of that skill set, which is far different from being a feature or headliner. Anyhow. Some of the jokes I picked for...

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