Day: July 29, 2008

Time capsule: 1995 Young Comedians Show

Just watched a rebroadcast of HBO’s 1995 Young Comedians Show (it’ll also air at 10 p.m. Pacific tonight), hosted by Garry Shandling from the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and featuring a cast of, would you believe, Dave Attell, Eric Tunney, Dave Chappelle, Anthony Clark and Louis CK. Quite a lineup, eh? We know it’s 1995 because Shandling jokes about the O.J. Simpson trial and Lorena Bobbitt. First up, Dave Attell, and we see some now-classic Attell jokes, such as his take on porn ("whatever a man, a woman, another woman with a penis and a midget do…"), how women have all the power "because women have all the vaginas," why men cannot breast-feed, and on the difference between friends and best friends in moving. Only Attell reacts to and works the crowd. "Oh, I found the level?!" he says at one point. Attell jokes about starting to go bald. Smart, but dark stuff. Still true today. And that’s why so many comedians love him. Eric Tunney is a Canadian, and perhaps the only one from this crop that you don’t remember. Although his joke about Hitler ruining that mustache certainly has garnered more than a few fans over the years, hasn’t it? Dave Chappelle, even in early 1995, showed enormous talent, and in his opening line, paved the way for years of Aspen jokes about the lack...

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Montreal 2008: Just for Laughs video highlights

The people at Just For Laughs in Montreal decided to recap some of their shows in video highlights, which means you can get a feel for what you saw, or what you missed. Although they don’t give all of the New Faces face time (hmmm), but the Just For Laughs video portal (yes, they have their own video portal for you to upload your own funny fun-time videos) includes a highlight reel set to music and with more Galas and French Canadians than any other JFL video. So let’s start with that one, with the New Faces, Amp’d and Masters after the jump! Note: All of these videos have NSFW language. New Faces (part 1) with Dana Gould hosting intro, Brendon Walsh, Jeff Dye, Anjelah Johnson and Kenny Johnson. Already, they’re mixing up the two groups, which means what, exactly? They like Gould’s insidery joke intro. That’s what. New Faces of Comedy (Part 1)- Just For Laughs 2008 New Faces (part 2) must mean Sean Patton won, because they put him last and give him more time than the others. The others being Nate Bargatze, Chelsea Peretti and Tu Rae. New Faces of Comedy (Part 2)- Just For Laughs 2008 The AMP’d music comedy show features Craig Robinson, who seemingly was everywhere during the fest ready to perform, and he got Judd Apatow to join him and the band....

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Ridiculous comedy story bears ridiculous headline

Hey, comedy fans! How many of you were like me in wondering, "Did stand-up comedy die with George Carlin?" Oh, wait. You mean none of us, not even me, ever asked that, let alone entertained the thought for a second? Well, then, you’ll love not reading this story on that’s so out-to-lunch that the folks at MSNBC had to relabel the news article as "commentary" because they read it and said, hey, um, no. The story’s headline: "Standup comedy didn’t die with Carlin." Breaking News Spoiler Alert! And the secondary headline, in case you wondered, well, tell me more, please: "Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart are heirs to comic’s throne." With a big picture of Dane Cook. Really? Really?! If you stick a sharp object in your eye after reading this, even then, you’ll have noticed that the story mentions Chris Rock (good choice, but) only in passing, doesn’t even mention Jon Stewart by name, and the source for putting Dane Cook in the same sentence as Carlin is none other than Jamie Masada, who always smells when a reporter is nearby and has the good sense to introduce young boys to Michael Jackson. True story. I think Carlin threw up in his mouth a little bit. Which is a neat trick, considering he’s dead. Now you probably are intrigued enough to want to read it, aren’t...

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