Day: July 24, 2008

Russell Brand to host 2008 MTV VMAs

MTV has tapped British comedian/actor Russell Brand to host this year’s Video Music Awards, live on Sept. 7, 2008, in Hollywood. If you read this site, then you already have learned that this is how Brand plans on converting his title as the U.K.’s hottest stand-up to our American shores and inlands. It shouldn’t be a problem for him, really, as he already has worked for MTV in the U.K. For those of you who need brushing up on your Russell Brand, you can read what I’ve written about him...

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Last Comic Standing 6: Playboy Mansion! America votes for the Finals!

We’re down to the final 8 comedians on season six of Last Comic Standing, and already, we’re being promised a conclusion that lets us vote — plus hints that the vote moves people into "the final" — so will we speed up to the finish in time for the Summer Olympics? Perhaps. Everyone still in the house is talking about Iliza Shlesinger, who has taken out four other comedians already, and wondering if they should not challenge her ever. Nice strategy, fellas. Another pointless sight gag challenge that has no consequences?! That’s right. Our comedians go to a sushi house and have to perform jokes for four tables: Female bodybuilders, Deal or No Deal models, frat boys and little people. Adam Hunter‘s energy easily gets the Suitcase Sorority giggling, while Ron G is distracted by the ladies (theme alert!). Marcus resorts to his Christopher Walken, again. This is pointless. Let’s get to the real challenge, already. The comics return to the house to find breast implant helpers (cutlets!) on their pillows. Whatever could it be? We know, because they’ve teased us with the Playboy Mansion! Lots of bouncy bouncy! Our comedians pick titles, then have to come up with bedtime stories for The Girls Next Door, aka Hef’s girlfriends, aka the Hugh Hefner Playboy Playmates with a TV show on E! First up: Ron G, with "Jack and the...

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Last Comic Standing 6: The final 10, and Carrot Top!

Getting in the mood for tonight’s new episode of Last Comic Standing, let’s relive the fun of last week’s episode (especially since three of the final 10 comedians and myself were in Montreal at the time)…so, let the foolishness begin! Iliza Shlesinger returns triumphant from her showdown with Ku and God’s Pottery, and gets kudos from Marcus "she just owned that stage" and deserved to win, while Paul Foot and Papa CJ think she’s vulnerable (foreshadowing a spoiler alert!!!). Oh, you crazy editors. Comic Car Wash? I certainly hope this is as productive as the calendar shoot was…and can I hit the fast-forward button yet?…wait, what happened that put Jim Tavare on crutches? Now that would be interesting on camera…no? This is some morbid variation on that whole Last Comic Driving scam, because our comedians are telling jokes to the car wash participants for tips, or something, and whomever gets the biggest tips wins something or other? Cue the everyone gets wet montage. Is it wrong for me to be staring? Ad break! Comedians get a barrel of carrots and overthink the challenge, because, yes, it’s Carrot Top! They head to a Bed, Bath and Beyond and get "mad props" — racing around the store to find props and whomever does them thar prop comedy the best wins immunity. "This is kind of funny that I’m teaching you!" Carrot...

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Movie interviews that talk comedy

I try not to get caught up in summer movie hype, because most everyone else does, but here are a couple of online video interviews that start out talking about movies, but also manage to inform us a little bit about comedy. First up, talks to director Adam McKay about that "Funny or Die" movie, Step Brothers, starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. What? It’s not a Funny or Die movie? Sure seems like one. And McKay talks openly about how the entire premise and much of the movie just came from them goofing around and improvising. Next, here is a TV (or is it interview with Judah Friedlander that starts out as a typical junket talk about Meet Dave, in which Friedlander co-stars with Eddie Murphy, but then ends with some talk about Friedlander’s stand-up act and New York comedy...

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