Day: July 15, 2008

Review: Ann Curry’s stand-up debut at Carolines

A packed crowd at Carolines at 7 p.m. on a Monday, in the summer. Something must be amiss. Then again, the club, mere blocks from Times Square, did put a poster of Ann Curry up by the front door (and also in the green room, hello!). Yes, that Ann Curry, who greets the nation with news, interviews and asides every weekday morning on NBC’s Today show. Curry was attempting stand-up as part of a Today show segment in which anchors face their fears — and what would any of us fear more than Curry performing comedy? Am I right? Am I right? OK. That was just too easy for me to type, and not really the point of this exercise. We just want to see how she’d face this challenge. Which meant that that poster surprised me first, because I figured Curry and her NBC crew would want to keep things low-profile, just in case. Why advertise it? Nonetheless, many in the room were there to see Curry. But first, this was the "New Talent" night, and we saw some new talent, alrighty. We also saw Carolines put up some "ringers," and by ringers, I mean people they’d like to get in front of the cameras. So that was a nice, wholly believable touch on the part of the club. A couple of true rookies followed and brought the...

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Zach, Tim and Eric complete Absolut vodka trilogy

How silly is too silly? Can you imagine an online video in which Tim and Eric allege that Zach Galifianakis isn’t being subtle enough? If you cannot, then the fine people at Absolut Vodka (please do not send me any free bottles, because that will just make my mother angry) have this video to share with you. Go, Zach, go....

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Comic Strip Live Marathon: Postscript

Several weeks after the record-setting 50-hour stand-up comedy show at the Comic Strip Live in New York City, readers and comedians still have questions for me about it. So why not address that now. Especially since I just saw William Stephenson over the weekend hosting for Greg Proops at Comix, and Stephenson put forth a herculean effort himself by hosting the world record show (even if he did take two naps while comics were onstage). So. Yes. Answers. First off, yes, I was there for the entire 50 hours and stayed awake for at least 49 hours and 55 minutes (there were two moments during the second night-turns-to-morning when my eyelids closed, and I shook myself awake, then had to get up and walk around). Stephenson took two naps of 20-minutes each on a mattress in the club’s basement but otherwise was there for the duration. A few other club staffers hung around for the duration. If you really want to know, I didn’t change my clothes, but did have toothpaste, a toothbrush and deodorant to keep my vital parts from going bad. I also didn’t leave my blogging perch for the first seven hours and 15 minutes of the marathon before getting up for the bathroom or anything really, because I wanted to at least equal whatever silly record Dane Cook or Dave Chappelle had for staying onstage...

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