Day: July 14, 2008

Montreal’s JFL 2008 New Faces and Masters!

It’s the second week of the 2008 Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, which means we finally learn the identities of this year’s crop of New Faces and Masters to perform later this week. Much more to come, as I’ll be reporting from Montreal starting on Wednesday. For now, though, let’s deliver some names and congrats to all! Links available via the JFL MySpace blog post. New Faces Montreal, 2008: Brendon Walsh, Tu Rae, Ira Proctor, Seaton Smith, Chuck Watkins, Sean Patton, Vanessa Fraction, Erik Griffin, Mo Mandel, Harris Wittels, Mike Palascak, Iliza Shlesinger, Jeff Dye, Kenny Johnson, Chelsea Peretti, Anjelah Johnson, Trevor Boris, Jamie Kilstein, Nate Bargatze, Malik Sanon. Masters Montreal, 2008: Billy Gardell, Todd Glass, Thea Vidale, Henry Phillips, Hal Sparks, Kevin Brennan, Henry...

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Comedians in All-Star celebrity/legends softball game

It’s the All-Star break in baseball, and with festivities just a couple of boroughs away from The Comic’s Comic HQ over at Yankee Stadium, we cannot help but notice. Nor can we fail to mention that yesterday’s All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game included four comedians: Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, George Lopez and Chris Rock (pictured here in his Mets cap!). The game airs at 10 p.m. tonight on ESPN following the home run derby (which for some reason does not include legends or celebrities). Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty...

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New Mitch Hedberg CD due Sept. 9

Comedy Central announced today that it’ll release the posthumous third album from stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg, "Do You Believe in Gosh?" on Sept. 9, including 40 minutes of material previously unreleased and three previously unheard prank phone calls Hedberg made for the network’s Crank Yankers show. Hedberg had recorded this stand-up two months before he died in March 2005. He was only 37. Having known and worked with Mitch, it’s still tough for me to think about this without wishing he were still alive and telling outrageously clever...

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Interview! Esther Ku reflects on Last Comic Standing

To all of the thousands of you who have reached my site looking for information about Esther Ku, thank you. For those of you who got here via the Google search terms "Esther Ku naked," shame on you. Although I can tell you that I have seen Esther Ku with her pants off, and, um, what? Yes. Really. Ku wanted me to remind you that we did not fornicate. Oh, no. Just another night in a Pan 9 afterparty in the Boston not-so-suburb of Allston. Truth be told, someone spilled wine on Ku’s white pants, and since we were in a house with a functioning washer and dryer, I helped clean things up, and in the meantime, Ku tried to cover up with paper towels. So, so cute. You guys are perverts! No, really. You are. Anyhow. Ku got voted off the Last Comic Standing finals on Thursday night’s episode on NBC, and Ku was relieved to finally be able to talk about what happened. She even held a viewing party at a friend’s house in New York City, with she being the only person who knew that would be her last show on NBC (though she says all of the finalists will return for at least one show once live episodes resume in August). This is a funny picture of me and Ku outside the Abbey Lounge in...

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The first Saturday Night Live ever, with host George Carlin

A few weeks ago, the NBC broadcast television network did a remarkable thing to honor the recently deceased and legendary comedian George Carlin: NBC rebroadcast the inaugural episode of Saturday Night Live that Carlin hosted on Oct. 11, 1975, without bells or whistles or any sort of re-editing. In fact, the episode aired in 2008 just as it did in 1975, when the show was called simply NBC’s Saturday Night, because there already was a show on the airwaves called Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell that aired on ABC. Yes, really. But the SNL we all have come to know and love, or hate to love, or love to hate, debuted in 1975 without any precedents or traditions, so also without any rules. Lorne Michaels hadn’t yet decided to put Weekend Update near the hour mark and air all of the sketchier sketches after Weekend Update, or anything else really. It was so fresh and so new. So I decided to consult my original review for this show. It’s all in crayon and makes absolutely no sense, because, 1) I was four years old, 2) why would I even be up this late, and what kind of parents would let their 4-year-old watch this show?, 3) plus, my parents didn’t have a home computer in 1975, 4) the Internet was still run by government agents working for the...

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