Day: July 12, 2008

Live at Gotham: Lucas Molandes

When I saw Lucas Molandes last year in Montreal, he struck me as very smart and clever writer and teller of jokes. Seeing him on my TV on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham did not change my opinion of the young man. You wouldn’t think of him as a guy who dropped out of school, would you? And yet, here is a...

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Live at Gotham: Matt McCarthy

A year ago, Matt McCarthy was debuting industry-wise as a New Face in Montreal. These days, you can catch McCarthy literally tearing into a box of cereal in a nationwide TV commercial for breakfast at McDonald’s. As a McCarthy myself, I made sure to corner this comedian downstairs at Gotham Comedy Club this spring in the minutes before he headed upstairs to perform for Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. Here is that little snippet, which also features cameos from cohorts TJ Miller and Vince Averill: Matt McCarthy: Live at Gotham interviewUploaded by thecomicscomic After his set, us McCarthys talked about how in his opening bit, Comedy Central wanted him to change a line from "choke her to death" to "murder her to death," which actually, is much funnier. His set had some solid energy and good stage presence (check out his facial expressions!), which in turn translated into healthy laughs. After the jump, an unaired portion of Matt McCarthy’s Gotham...

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Live at Gotham: Na’im Lynn

Like many stand-up comedians in this day and age, Na’im Lynn is working his way up the industry ladder, appearing as a new face in Aspen at the late, great, U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, then competing in last year’s Comedy Central Open Mic Fights, to this weekend’s appearance on Live at Gotham. What’s next for Lynn? Stay tuned. He’ll be taping BET’s Comic View on July 13. This clip will get you acquainted with Lynn in the...

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Live at Gotham: Vince Averill

The Comedy Central describes Vince Averill as a New York City comedian who has himself been described as smart and relatable. His opening joke on the Live at Gotham follows suit, questioning how you could/would/should react should you meet someone from an online date and learn that date is your mother. I’ll let you enjoy the rest of that bit live and in the person. Here is a bit that didn’t appear on the TV, but is online and therefore here to share with...

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Live at Gotham: Joe List

As I mentioned this spring, part of the secret to Joe List‘s charm is his onstage nervousness, which goes against the grain of stand-up comedy in that normally, audiences are less likely to laugh when they sense the stand-up is nervous. But then you have a guy like List, who made his TV debut on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham last night. We’ve got two clips from that taping to share with you, but first, here was my interview with List right after he got offstage that night at Gotham: Joe List: Live at Gotham interviewUploaded by...

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