Day: July 10, 2008

Last Comic Standing 6: Yo Momma!

So here we are. These are your 12 finalists, and after watching that hourlong recap from last week, we’re only reminded of a few good stand-ups who got left behind. Let us not mourn for them, but celebrate them, for they will not have to suffer the indignities of Last Comic Standing‘s house nor its challenges, nor the little yellow bus. First off, the house is nice. God’s Pottery acts as if they have "dibsies" on the girlie pink room with princess outfits and bunk beds, but eventually are seen unpacking in another room. But wait, let’s talk about Esther Ku‘s laugh, shall we? Spoiler alert: It’s all real. Ku laughs a lot, and laughs loudly. Some comedians over the years have accused her of laughing insincerely, but oh no, my friends, it is sincere…sincerely overpowering. Iliza Shlesinger describes it as "operatic, forceful and when it’s this close to your ear, we’re talking sonic boom potential" …Paul Foot calls it…"a machine gun of joy." We’ve got a calendar shoot. A wonderfully goofy calendar photo shoot. Marcus as Wonder Woman with smeared make-up and a Bobcat Goldthwait vibe declares: "Don’t laugh at me, I’m beautiful!" Sean Cullen has a "superhero medieval hermaphrodite ballerina queen" thing going on. Jeff Dye is the youngest, so he puts on the baby outfit. Ron G says he automatically looked for a pimp get-up. Adam...

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Chappelle misses Kevin Powell fund-raiser, while Chris Rock sits by (welcome to The Real World)

What happens when people stop acting polite and start getting real? True story!* Original member of MTV’s The Real World, Kevin Powell, is running for Congress in New York City, and last night held a fund-raiser in which Dave Chappelle was your featured headline performer. Only Chappelle never made it out of Ohio. That’s amusing enough, and anyone who knows Chappelle knows he hasn’t been a stickler for keeping to itineraries (he told me once he was headed to the airport to London, except I saw him the next day still in NYC). More amusing to me and maybe you but certainly not for the people who paid to attend Powell’s fund-raiser, Chris Rock was in the building, but declined to take the stage. Gothamist has the nuts and bolts, with photos. For a truly crazy take on the night focusing on the one guy who did attempt a jokey-joke, read this account in The Brooklyn Paper. *I always say "True story!" in the voice of the cowboy kid from season 2 in Los Angeles, which may not align completely with a post about Powell, but c’mon, it’s the only way to say "True...

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Reality Bites Back: First 10 minutes

Did you know that when the Rev. Jesse Jackson doesn’t think his microphone is on, he stops rhyming? Amazing but true! Anyhow. Even more amazing than that, the first 10 minutes of Comedy Central’s new spoof on "reality" TV show contests, Reality Bites Back. It debuts July 17, which by most calculations is a week from today, unless you don’t believe in math or science, and we know who you are, so get off the Internet already because the Internet is based on math and science. So, the first 10 minutes of the show starts with a season preview we’ve seen previously, then some funny fun, courtesy of host Michael Ian Black, who seems like a natural fit for this. The competitions themselves look like they’ll be fun, too, so I’m calling this a win-win-winner. Not sure why Kyle Cease is co-opting Judah Friedlander’s 30 Rock hat subliminal messaging delivery system, but I am sure that having the stand-ups seduce their parents is sick, twisted and altogether hilarious....

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Ant dissects the 12 Last Comic Standing finalists

Are you ready for the finals of Last Comic Standing to start already? Of course you are. But NBC is going to get you caught up anyhow tonight with a one-hour recap at 8, followed by a two-hour new episode that apparently will include the 12 final acts challenging each other to "Yo Momma" jokes whilst wearing boxing outfits. Oh, they’re in a boxing ring, too, so it makes sense. Right? Seriously. It shall be quite amusing to see how the boys from God’s Pottery handle this challenge, as well as how they manage to stay in character living in the LCS house, which I suppose, is part of the reason producers put them there. Right? Seriously. Why am I repeating myself? Can I find someone, anyone, who can possibly snap us back into reality? What’s that, you say? Ant is here to rAnt (get it?!) again, on the NBC payroll. I’ve typed this before, but it really does bear some repeating…who would want to watch almost 11 minutes of online commentary, by Ant, on comedy? And how did this guy go from hack jokes/possible thievery (called out by Joe Rogan on TV for it) to unnecessarily evil judge to voice of wisdom, who NBC even allows to call out the program for its inconsistent standards? Obviously, Ant has a very big fan somewhere in the network ranks (or...

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