Day: July 7, 2008

Bob previews Montreal sketch show

Bob Odenkirk treats us to a peek today at the upcoming sketch showcase at the 26th annual Montreal Just For Laughs festival. Odenkirk will co-host with SNL’s Bill Hader. Odenkirk’s wife manages Hader, he says, "so that’s how he got swindled into it.  The shows are the 16th and 17th…   and will also feature Casey Wilson (SNL), Andrew Friedman and Michael Naughton (Naughton but Friedman), and the groups Sach and Dixon, the Apple Sisters, Back Pack Picnic, and Dance Party of Newfoundland.  I know nothing about the groups.  The festival picks them, and they do a fine job of it." Here are some linky links so you can learn more about each of them…the apple sistersbackpack picnicdance party of newfoundlandthe groundlings (main stage cast includes Andrew Friedman and Michael...

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Video Laughter Chain

We can agree that laughter is not only good, but good for you — the endorphins reduce stress and literally make you feel better, can help you live longer and make you more pleasant to be around. Laughter also is contagious. And even a fake laugh can prompt real laughter. My friends and I proved this years ago when we sat around a table and decided to start laughing. Within a few minutes, we couldn’t stop. Which brings us to this marketing campaign by Skype called the Skype Laughter Chain to promote its Webcam telephone. OK. They acknowledge who they are and what they’re trying to do. Fair enough. But we’re supposed to believe that a baby that may or not be giggling but is certainly not doing much of anything else can start a chain reaction around the world? What is the first guy doing with his hands in his pants, anyhow? He’s watching a baby! Already off to a weird start. The second guy, what in the world is that noise coming out of his mouth? That, at least, I can see why the next pair of young men watching might be spurred to laughter. Then there’s a woman who sounds like an entire zoo. Do you want in on this...

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