Day: July 1, 2008

Eddie Izzard at Radio City Music Hall

After performing three sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall (that’s 18,000 comedy fans), Eddie Izzard had a hotel rooftop party to celebrate with both his U.K. and U.S. representatives Sunday night and into Monday morning (including a birthday cake for his U.K. manager, Chiggy!). Izzard flew back to London afterward for a brief holiday before his Stripped tour resumes July 11 in Seattle and continues through August on the West Coast. Buy tickets here. Izzard gives an energetic two-hour performance without opener or intermission. He bounces up and down throughout. Is this a holdover from his workshopping, which took place on an actual bouncy floor? No. More likely it’s a matter of Izzard’s actual stage presence. The backdrop presents a massive cave with sketches in ancient languages and a window with two bars that looks out onto a changing view — first, blue sky, then a sun rises from left to right, then a giant eyeball, later stars burst from the eye, which changes colors several times, then a moon and stars. Izzard never addresses it or refers to the backdrop in any way. Afterward, he told me that he liked how the set could be interpreted in different ways, referring to it as "a prison of the mind" and wondering who the eyeball belongs to, anyhow? Is it you? Me? God? Of course, Izzard lets the audience...

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Today Show’s Ann Curry attempting stand-up

Which Today Show personality is trying her hands at stand-up comedy? Al Roker? Good guess, but no. Matt Lauer? Despite his girlish hands, it won’t be him. Didn’t you read the headline on this post? It’s Ann Curry. Here is photographic evidence of Curry with Gilbert Gottfried, and no, they’re not an item, but imagining the two of them together, in that way, could be comedy to some. Curry met with Gottfried recently at the Comic Strip Live for some pointers, and apparently this is part of some sort of wacky Today segment that has anchors facing their fears. If you watch Today, do you get the sense that Curry fears comedy? Hmmm. She will be taking the stage in front of a live audience at Carolines sometime next week (Jossip is saying Monday, July 7). If Curry thinks she can make a run at my title as New York’s Funniest Reporter, well, then, I say the more, the merrier. Bring it on, TV...

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Seth MacFarlane to produce Google Ads

In the coming year, you’ll see three of Seth MacFarlane’s animated projects on the TV (Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland!) and an additional series online — "Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy." But not just anywhere online. It’ll be on Google’s AdSense! Really. Which means it’ll be on my site? Maybe I can start earning some real money now. The New York Times has the low-down, with up to 50 two-minute episodes planned to become animated video Google...

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The Mini Hot Dog Eating Championships

Is it too early in the morning to ponder hot dogs? How about mini hot dogs, the ever-popular pigs in blankets? Well, it’s not too early in the month, because July means we’re only days away from the Fourth of July and the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest. Will it be Joey Chestnut again? Or will Kobayashi reclaim his legend status? More pressing, as commentators Sean Crespo and Christian Finnegan note in this newly unearthed video, can Adira Amram or H. Alan Scott dethrone Andres du Bouchet in the first-ever mini-dog "contest" at Comix? You’ll have to watch to find...

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Live at Gotham: Mike Vecchione

Mike Vecchione has taught in the schools and survived to tell about it, in jokes and such. He was on Live at Gotham over the weekend, and something tells me you’ll be seeing more of him in other places soon enough…he gets an applause break on his opening routine on being a wrestler! And Jesus jokes! There are a couple of moments in which you see a little bit of influence from hanging around and performing with a comedian whose name rhymes with Tave Adell. I won’t tell you which moments those are. Happy hunting! And now for those teaching jokes I was telling you he would be telling you about: Vecchione can handle one defect in a lady, but not two? And here is a clip that did not air on the TV program, otherwise known as a...

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