Day: June 26, 2008

Last Comic Standing 6: First Semis in Vegas

Welcome to the first half of the semifinals in Las Vegas, the night when Dan Naturman gets the shaft for a second time on Last Comic Standing —  spoiler alert!!! — where we see if Bill Bellamy tell jokes, and because he has had a career as an MTV VJ, parts in big crappy movies, and tours the nation as a stand-up, you’d expect him to, so he does tell jokes for at least a tight minute before introducing our judges, who are, wait for it, Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa, aka the guys in New York City who hated a lot of great comedians. Great. Just great. We know we’re in Vegas because of the showgirls who perform at the Paris casino/hotel. OK. Enough already. We’re going from 16 semifinalists to five finalists. Same thing next week. So here we go! Adam Hunter from New York stretches a lot backstage. The producers evidently want us to see that. He says: "I know for a fact I will make everyone laugh." Hunter is rather loud. Is this because he wants to make sure everyone in the theater hears him? Makes a dig at Asians in porn, followed by Mardi Gras in the Middle East. Jokes about living in L.A., where even the homeless are in the biz. As Schrippa notes, even though some jokes don’t hit, Hunter gets a...

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Things I’ve Learned: Dan Mintz

Dan Mintz is the new guy at the Comedy Cellar, and he couldn’t be happier about it. At least that’s what Mintz told me last weekend before going up for another spot. He’s on the schedule this Saturday, and again on Tuesday-Wednesday. If you cannot imagine Mintz playing to a Cellar crowd on a Saturday night, then you don’t have an imagination — because throwing Mintz and his one-liners in between crowd-working New York comics is such a jolt to the system that audiences love him even more. So much, at points, that they even have gotten Mintz to crack up and break his vocal rhythm. Good times. Mintz has been in New York City the past few months working on Demetri Martin’s upcoming Comedy Central show (Important Things with Demetri Martin), which should follow the Chappelle’s Show format: Martin hosting and talking/joking with the crowd between taped sketches. Mintz said he only has been in one sketch so far. But look for Jon Benjamin to show up in a lot of the bits. Debut:...

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