Day: June 19, 2008

Match Game returns to TV

Don’t let this picture fool you. Match Game is returning to TV, with two tapings today in Los Angeles at CBS. But Sarah Silverman isn’t hosting. She’ll be one of the celebrity panelists. UPDATE: The other panelists for the pilot, shot at CBS but for TBS, were Norm MacDonald, Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall version, not Carrot Top), Rashida Jones, Super Dave Osborne and Niecy Nash. So who will be hosting in place of the late Gene Rayburn? Despite mass petitions to hire Jimmy Pardo, the man who’s been holding down the fort on Match Game Live at the UCB in Los Angeles, the producers went with Andy Daly. Pardo went to the message boards and offered congratulations to his friend Daly, writing… Hey everyone,Since the petition was started here on AST, I feel I should let you guys know what has happened. I am sad to report that I did not get the job.Obviously, I am very disappointed but ASTers can rejoice in knowing that the producers picked a great talent in one Mr. Andy Daly.Andy is a great friend and will do a super job.I don’t have to tell anyone on this board how funny Andy is and I’m sure the show is going to be a great success.JIMMY It doesn’t end there… And Mr. Daly replied in kind!Thanks for the kind words you guys, and...

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Music and comedy combine for F Yeah tour

Did you know a music and comedy and spoken word and art show began touring the country this week, and it’s called F Yeah? Now you know. The tour began Tuesday in Baltimore and circles around the South, Southwest, Midwest and clockwise around before finishing in New York City on July 12-13. Comedians on the bills include Josh Fadem, Hannibal Buress and Nick...

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C-Spot Season 2 on Crackle

If you had bet me a nickel that Crackle would be around longer than Super Deluxe, well, then, you would have yourself one of my nickels, and it still wouldn’t make any cents to me (homonym alert!) that Turner would drop the ball on SD. At least Sony keeps on plugging away with Crackle and its original programming channel, C-Spot. A second 10-week "season" of shows began rolling out this week. Owen Benjamin returns, but this time he’s not stuck in Gaytown. The Roadents also return with new improvised animated shorts. The full lineup: The Rascal (Mondays), That Guy (Tuesdays), Owen Benjamin Presents (Wednesdays), The Roadents (Thursdays), Comedy Gumbo (Fridays), and Mr. Justice and the Powerful Girl (weekends). From what I’ve already seen so far, Mr. Justice and the Powerful Girl show us what superheroes would be like if they weren’t quite super but wore their costumes all the time and lived among us. Comedy Gumbo prefers quick hits and ad parodies (how’d you like to see a 2-second impersonation of Dane Cook? you gets one here). Jay Rondot is The Rascal in a thriller of sorts (hint: not the Michael Jackson version). That Guy…I’m reminded that John Heffron and his buddy once sold a card game called That Guy…this is not that. This is some other guy. Moving on. Let’s get back to Mr. Benjamin, who provides us...

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Mike Myers as Guru Pitka, from Magnet Theater to movie screens

Remember a couple of years ago when everyone in the New York downtown comedy scene got all not-verklempt and oh-my-goodnesses because Mike Myers was showing up to do improv at the Magnet Theater and sometimes in character as a guy named Guru Pitka? Neither do I. But I heard all about it when I moved to NYC. And I kept that in mind this week as Myers started showing up everywhere on the media circuit to promote his new movie, The Love Guru, which looks as juvenile and silly as his Austin Powers movies. Which could be good, or bad, or even both. I recently saw Goldmember again and, wow, the jokes even seem childish to children. But then again, there are plenty of ha-has that anyone can enjoy, as well. And then again again, some of these interviews, and by some I mean pretty much all of them, make Mike Myers out to be oh-so-serious. Which means his humor is childish as a reaction to that? Hmmm. The Entertainment Weekly article makes him sound like not fun. Even Terry Gross asks him to lighten up in yesterday’s edition of Fresh Air on NPR. Listen! And below, watch Myers with buddy-buddy Deepak Chopra in front of a live audience last year at the Magnet for Iconoclasts on the Sundance Channel. After the jump, Myers tells Inside the Actors Studio...

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Detroit Octane on Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien has welcomed some beautiful musical moments on his late-night TV show and some truly rocking bands. And then on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, he had Detroit Octane on the program. And he even introduced them as a parody act. Amazingly, this was perhaps the third time during this hour that Conan said "this show would not air." Look closely for Glaser’s retort. Also keep an eye out for the "attitude stool." If Hulu goes down, you can also view it here on the site. Such a weird moment in television...

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