Day: June 17, 2008

Live at Gotham: Myq Kaplan

For those of you who saw Myq Kaplan all-too-briefly on Last Comic Standing this season, you’ll be delighted to know that he did get to tell the dramatic (rather, funny) conclusion to his joke that begins with him punching a baby. It’s included on the end of this clip from Kaplan’s performance on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. The full episode will air this Friday, June 20. Kaplan also can be seen this week in Norfolk, Neb., competing at the Great American Comedy Festival that honors Johnny Carson’s legacy. Enjoy! Updated! Here are the first few minutes of Kaplan’s set,...

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Larry the Cable Guy launches

Some comedians find their catchphrases become Frankenstein-like creatures that get out of their control. For a brief period, it appeared that Larry the Cable Guy felt that way about "Git-R-Done!" in his live theater shows, trying to git-r-out-of-the-way so he could git-back-to-his-jokey-jokes and dampen down shouts of it from the crowd. But not now. Because the comedian has launched his own official fan site, and the address is The site/company is part of UltraStar Entertainment, a division of Live Nation, and so it would naturally hold that fan club members here can find advance pre-sale ticket opportunities, exclusive audio and video content, meet-and-greets on tour, and a members-only site. Members-only pre-sales launched yesterday for Oct. 12 in Boise, Oct. 24 in Peoria, Ill., with more opportunities for the rest of the tour coming soon. One of my favorite little quirks of the site? The news section lists dates the European way: day/month/year How about that? Here’s more! A special message from Larry the Cable Guy to his fans…after the jump! GIT-R-DONE! Welcome to my brand new fan club page. This has been a long time in the works and I’m glad I that I could finally get a site devoted strictly for my die hard fans. You are why I do what I do and I hope you like the site and visit it often. There were 2...

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Bob & Doug return, eh? FOX takes on you hosers

A full 25 years after Strange Brew, Canada has welcomed (and FOX has gotten in on) an animated TV version of Bob and Doug McKenzie, the characters created by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis originally for SCTV. So, a second chance for these Second City characters, eh? Eh! Thomas and Moranis will voice the characters in the series, which has gotten a 13-episode order for 2009 in Canada on Global Television....

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