Day: June 12, 2008

Janeane Garofalo: Unmasked

If you’re in Tennessee for Bonnaroo, please say hi to Janeane Garofalo for me. She doesn’t have an email or use the Internet, so she likely won’t be reading this. That’s one of many things you might learn about Garofalo in her interview for Unmasked on XM satellite radio, which premieres Saturday. Early in her career, Garofalo says she worried about actual typecasting, as she kept hearing industry people talk about "looking for a Janeane Garofalo type," as in dark and sarcastically deadpan. "Looking back, that was a mistake," she says. "They asked me to always play that one note." "I think The Aristocrats was a social experiment, because I have never heard of that joke," she says. I hadn’t heard of the joke before the movie, either, but I think if you were in the Friar’s Club or played the Catskills, perhaps that demographic had a better chance of circulating jokes like that one. Garofalo started comedy while still a junior in college, in Rhode Island, in 1985. She’d take the bus from Providence College to Boston. And even early on, she was "more of a rambler or a storyteller, and I don’t mean that in a good way." Her third comedy home is Houston and rural Texas, where she grew up in the same neighborhood as Bill Hicks (her brother was in his grade in school). She’s...

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Chris Rock cannot believe what people consider a prank these days

Chris Rock just got back from South Africa, and cannot believe the way he was punked there last weekend. Particularly after having to deal with too much craziness with Anthony Pellicano and his trial earlier this year, these punks had the nerve to accuse Rock of statutory rape? Rock popped into the Comedy Cellar for a surprise set late Wednesday night, and he asked the audience, that’s what people consider a practical joke these days? "Next week, they have a new show…’You Got AIDS!’" he quipped. Rock then riffed for about a half-hour about Barack Obama and the presidential campaign. His tour has returned to the U.S., where you can see him next on the main stage Friday at Bonnaroo (where he’s followed by Metallica?!), then two shows in Boston on...

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