Day: June 10, 2008

Funny or Die’s new iPhone 3G tips!

The new iPhone 3G isn’t even available yet, and already, Seth Morris and the good folks at Funny or Die have figured out how to put all of the new faster, simpler technology to use. Let’s just say their tips are for work, but not exactly safe for work. <a href="">iPhone 3G: Guided Tour</a> on <a...

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Carla Rhodes in Penthouse?!

How many times have you opened up a Penthouse magazine and found a ventriloquist posing with her dummy? That’s among sentences I never thought I’d type. But there she is, my friend Carla Rhodes, posing with Cecil in the new issue of Penthouse that hits newsstands today....

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SketchfestNYC preview: Dirty Jeans & Thunderchief

This weekend marks the fourth annual SketchfestNYC. Plenty of videos and interviews on the festival’s online home page this week to get you excited about the shows, happening June 12-14 at the UCB Theatre. Tickets: $10 show/$40 night/$100 full pass. Here’s a video to pump you up…thanks Dirty Jean & Thunderchief! The full SketchfestNYC schedule: Thursday, June 12 7pm: Harvard Sailing Team 8pm: Kurt and Kristin 9pm: Free Love Forum 10pm: Dirty Jeans & Thunderchief 11pm: Dance Party of Newfoundland 12am: Rue Brutalia + Pangea 3000 Buy Tickets for June 12 Now Friday, June 13 7pm: The Apple Sisters 8pm: Fakesweet + God’s Pottery 9pm: Backpack Picnic 10pm: The Birthday Boys 11pm: The Third Floor 12am: A Week of Kindness + Trophy Dad Buy Tickets for June 13 Now Saturday, June 14 2:30pm: The Onion News Network Panel Discussion 4pm: The Sound of Young America Live 6pm: Team Submarine + Hey You Millionaires 7pm: Becky & Noelle + Blitzkrieg 8pm: Summer of Tears 9pm: Elephant Larry 10pm: Troop! 11pm: Fearsome 12am: Closing Night Craptacular Buy Tickets for June 14...

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Christian Finnegan on ensuring he’s not “hack”

The folks at ChuckleDumper don’t merely assemble daily links to funny stuff, but sometimes also contribute original material of their own, such as this interview with Christian Finnegan they’ve posted today. Here is Finnegan addressing the nature of writing new material and jokes he finds funny… But, everybody has their own definition of what ‘hack’ means. Mine has always been when you’re relying on what works, as opposed to what really makes you laugh. And you see it in all the worlds. You see people get up and do stuff at Rififi that if they were to hear it themselves, wouldn’t laugh at but they know it will get over. And even more so you see it at the clubs. That’s where you see it the most. When you’re at the Dayton Funny Bone, (where I’ll be in late June, by the way), or some club on the road and you see some guy killing, just sort of doing a ‘greatest hits.’ He knows what will work. That’s very depressing. And so when you ask, the initial question, how has my comedy changed, I’ve become a bit of a fascist in the past year or two in terms of my writing. I really try to only talk about the things I find funny. And sure I’m not saying I still find the jokes funny because we say them 1,000...

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