Day: June 9, 2008

Comic Strip Marathon: The videos!

You didn’t think I sat through more than 50 hours of stand-up comedy last week and forgot to get some video of it, did you? So here’s a scattered selection of footage from the world record comedy show last week at Comic Strip Live. But first, let’s reflect on what happened, and consult an expert on world records and champions who also happened to close the show, 30 Rock‘s Judah Friedlander! Judah Friedlander helps set comedy world recordUploaded by thecomicscomic After the jump, four other videos showing what a comedy club looks like on the inside at 7:30 a.m., the silliness of comedians Rory Albanese and Mike Birbiglia as they attempt to redo a funny riff, my own self-analysis after 27 hours of comedy (and 38 hours awake!), and the official recognition from the Guinness World Records people on Thursday night… This is what it looks and sounds like in a comedy club at 7:30 a.m. on a Wednesday. Tom Shillue said mornings are perfect for him, though! Comic Strip Live Marathon: Hour 11 (7:30 a.m.)!Uploaded by thecomicscomic Rory Albanese and Mike Birbiglia attempt to recreate a riff for the cameras at about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday. Rory Albanese and Mike Birbiglia ad-libUploaded by thecomicscomic Marina Franklin thinks I’m acting punch drunk at about 11:30 p.m. and wants to get me on camera. I oblige, but only after breaking out...

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Gerry Dee: No Reading Ahead

Most comedians agree that once you’ve told a joke on TV, you’ve "burned" it and need to be wary of using it again and again in your live act. Which brings me to Gerry Dee. I like him. I like his jokes. But my big complaint about Dee is that he continues to recycle the same routines about being in school as a teacher and as a student. On TV, no less. He’s said much of this not only on NBC’s Last Comic Standing last year, but also on Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham, so when I heard it again at the start of his latest hourlong special, "No Reading Ahead," I thought, really? Again? Really? It’s a cohesive hour that alternates from Dee’s childhood to his adult teaching experiences. There’s some new material (yay!) about his Scottish parents and learning karate. But still…enough with repeating routines on TV already. Here’s a clip of Gerry Dee talking about recess: After the jump, Dee’s various TV appearances from last year… At 2007’s Just For Laughs in Montreal… At Live At Gotham, 2007… On Last Comic Standing,...

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Bill Engvall on CBS? One night only

Your TiVo or DVR is not playing tricks on you today. Gabe & Jenny’s favorite TV show, The Bill Engvall Show, will get a one-time airing tonight at 8 p.m. on the CBS television network. CBS and TBS made a marketing tit-for-tat shaky-shake deal, in which CBS plays an episode of Engvall to help promote that show’s second season (which debuts June 12 on TBS), and in exchange, TBS will let CBS promote its fall shows on that network. My Google ads for Engvall are not part of that deal....

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Tony Rock gets fall comedy slot on MyNetworkTV

Tony Rock, last seen early Thursday morning entertaining Comic Strip Live patrons during the club’s world record marathon show, got some good news of his own over the weekend, as MyNetworkTV announced it had placed "The Tony Rock Project" on its fall 2008 schedule. It’ll air at 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays. In the New York area, that’s Ch. 9 WWOR. It’s not a sitcom, per se, but rather a Rock-about-town kind of show, as Tony (Chris Rock is his older brother) examines regular people in their natural habitat, or something like that. We need a PR-ready quote! "Tony’s charming personality, quick-witted comedy and cutting-edge social commentary makes the program a perfect addition to our Wednesday night comedy block," MyNet president Greg Meidel said. This same network also gave Flavor Flav a sitcom. FYI....

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Comic Strip Marathon: Mary Rambin interviews Sean L. McCarthy

Internet fameball Mary Rambin interviewed me around hour 48 of the Comic Strip Live 50-hour world record marathon comedy show. Rambin was very nice in person (much like her friend in fameballing, Julia Allison), which probably helps explain how they’ve gotten as far as they have already. Anyhow. This is what I looked and sounded like near the end of the marathon show. Thank you, backlighting. Enjoy! "I Beat Out…Miss Julia Allison!" from Mary Rambin on Vimeo. Clarification: I wrote the advance story for TONY but not the blog...

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