Day: June 4, 2008

Comic Strip Marathon: Post #9 Dave Attell addresses the insomniacs

Dave Attell took the stage at 3:50 a.m. and it seemed perfectly natural. The former host of Comedy Central’s Insomniac has the audience of about 60 fans and staff howling. "I’m so glad I got to be here the first night, before you get to reek and stink, and we’d owe the whole thing to Baby Wipes and Purel," he said, although I might not be exactly sure of the wording because I’m laughing too hard and long to get it down before he moves on to the next joke. Attell is mocking us for attempting a world record for a comedy show. You know, instead of doing something important with our time. "Global warming? F#%& that! Let’s sit in a comedy club for 15 days!" he said. Has it been that long...

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Comic Strip Marathon: Post #8 Firsts

I’ve now been here so long that my computer automatically updated my Flash player and Windows systems, then rebooted. What better time to look at some other firsts in this marathon… First comedian wearing a suit: 1:51 a.m. Wednesday, Pat Dixon First Red Bull I consumed during the marathon: 2:09 a.m. Wednesday First time a majority of the audience stopped paying attention: 2:16 a.m. Wednesday, during a transition when host William Stephenson announced to the shuffling crowd, "I could say anything right now. Y’all not listening. I’ve got ball rash."* First bathroom break for me: 3:33 a.m. Wednesday First time I got to breathe fresh air since entering the building: 3:35 a.m. Wednesday Did you know it’s raining outside? Good thing I’m wearing pants. Why am I wearing pants? Why does anyone wear pants? This is getting off-topic. Next post. *This was not, however, the first time a comedian mentioned problematic and/or rashy...

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Comic Strip Marathon: Post #6 Go Long

Five hours down, and yet, that’s really only one-tenth of the way home. The wall behind me hums and vibrates against my back, gently soothing (plus) yet also making me feel dangerously sleepy (minus minus!). The audience is thinning and shuffling. Some customers just moved from the back to the front. I’ve heard from Jim David and Dean Edwards, who reminded us all that "this is the first time a comedy club has told comedians you can go longer." Kevin Brennan is making Ku LOL very loudly and often, so much so that he wonders if it’s a fake laugh. "I’ll take it!" Brennan said. Not to worry. Ku’s laugh may be loud, but it’s real and sincere. Earlier in his set, though, Brennan yells at the crowd. "Just relax…we’re trying to set a record, not have a good show!" Interesting point. My body feels like it’s in a Sharper Image chair. I’m hearing voices. Is that Gollum as a woman? No, it’s Al Ducharme. Some dude brought a pillow. Why didn’t I think of...

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Comic Strip Marathon: Post #5 LOLs!

Jeffrey Ross explained a porn joke to one of the young Aussie lasses in the front row and made her snort Long Island Ice Tea out of her nose. Fist bump! "If I do it a second time, do I get my own record?" Ross asked. We’ll have to look that up. Judah Friedlander, hilarious for 24 straight minutes, and right out of the gate, told us: "I just saw the worst movie ever. ‘The Charlie Sheen Story,’ starring Emilio...

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