Day: May 28, 2008

Olde English drinks O’Doul’s?

Turns out Super Deluxe does still introduce new videos every now and then, if you know where to look (or even if you just stumble upon it), and today introduced the rap on O’Doul’s by NYC sketch group Olde English, which shows they’ve at least continued to embrace the voice effect technology they used on their highly popular Akon calling T-Pain sketch from earlier this year. Language is NSFW....

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Mitch Mullany: RIP

My friends in comedy at Shecky Magazine and Comedy Juice both reporting today that comedian Mitch Mullany has died at 39. Shecky put a "rumor" headline on their post today after Mullany’s management company declined comment, but comedian Butch Bradley spread the sad news via MySpace this morning and Comedy Juice, which considered Mullany a good friend of their shows in Los Angeles, report it as fact. No cause of death yet. We’ll share more when we know more. Mullany appeared as "White Mike" on The Wayan Bros. sitcom, then starred in his own sitcom, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, which ran for two seasons (1996-1998) on the WB. In 2003, he hosted the "reality" contest, All American Girl, which aired on ABC. UPDATE: Variety reported that Mullany died from a diabetic-related stroke. Memorial service planned for 2 p.m. Sunday, June 8 at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. Here are some clips Mullany posted himself last year: More videos after the jump… Part two of his Improv set: Part three of his Improv set: Booty Shakin… Worst 911 Operator Ever! Episode 1 Worst 911 Operator Ever! Episode...

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Behind the scenes with Tim and Eric on tour

Tim and Eric just posted a lengthy recap of their live spring Awesome Tour that’s full of photos, insight and sincere thoughts from the road. Example: They didn’t know what to expect in Asheville but loved it! "Possibly the greatest show we’ve ever done." For more NSFW photos, food-tossing, special guests and insanity captured by still photography, click here. They also apologize to all of the club janitorial staffs that had to clean up after them. If you prefer your tour recaps in video form, here is the final installment of their "Not Live" documentary, although this is really just the guys acting up for the cameras. It’s another NSFW example of how a video labeled for mature audiences redefines mature. To recap: If you really want to know how they felt about the tour, read the regular...

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Backstage at SNL with Fred Armisen

Saturday Night Live may have wrapped up its season almost two weeks ago, but cast member Fred Armisen still has some backstage dish to share from the season finale on his NBC blog. He offers that having Steve Carell host meant seeing more than a few of Carell’s co-workers from The Office, who also used to work at SNL. Armisen writes, "We see them pretty often and some of our writers have gone on to work for that show, so they are kind of like an extended family." Here’s a photo Armisen took of one of his closer "relatives," Bill Hader, going through makeup for a scene in which he plays big, so to speak. More photos on Armisen’s...

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