Day: May 20, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend comedy listings

Another holiday weekend approaches, and regardless of how high gas prices will get by then, you still might find yourself in a different city for Memorial Day weekend, and wherever you are, you’ll definitely find yourself in need of a laugh. With that, check out my updated club listings for comedy venues around the country. Even Gallagher has work this weekend (Spoiler alert! He’ll be in New Brunswick, NJ, at the Stress...

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Dueling Obama/Clinton videos on SNL, Super Deluxe

Hey, know how that presidential campaign between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nod is so fierce? Hey, know how those NBA Playoffs commercials splitting face time and voice time for competing players looks and sounds so neat? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had the idea to make a video like that about Obama and Clinton? Would it be nicer if two someones had that idea? Here is the video from Team Tiger Awesome that went up on Super Deluxe on May 14: Here is the video that appeared on Saturday Night Live on May 17: Of course, you haven’t heard or read much about these two videos being similar because, well, it’s so parallel thinking I’m surprised I haven’t seen it everywhere (and if it was on MADtv last weekend, that wouldn’t shock me, either, except I keep forgetting about MADtv, which is another issue, entirely). Not another issue, entirely: Everyone already has seemed to have forgotten about Super Deluxe. Including Super Deluxe. By the way, the entire episode of last weekend’s MADtv appears after the jump. In case you’d forgotten,...

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In other blogs…

Dead-Frog compares last week’s SNL cold open with an old live sketch featuring Rowan Atkinson doing something similar, but also quite superior. Hmmm. ChuckleDumper has a long interview with Tom Shillue (who since the interview has been on tour in Asia (Hong Kong, Manila, then into China) with Matt McCarthy, so he should have plenty of stories to tell!). Lots of quotes to choose from. Here’s one: "I don’t even know who these guys are that are playing the mainstream clubs now. All the guys I know are off playing these small rooms. I think the thing that’s changed is that people can find their own audience now and [the audience] can find out what’s going on over the internet and go see these shows. They don’t need that marquee name, or chain. Now you can find out on the internet who you’re into, and kind of go to that show. You have comics like Patton Oswalt with his Comedians of Comedy, creating these tours, just for his fans and people who like comics like him." Neil Padover writes a nice profile of Jamie Lee for The Apiary. In case you’re curious about Lee’s day job (which goes unmentioned in the piece): She’s a publicist for Comedy Central. (Future discussion item: How many Comedy Central employees, past and present, also have had comedy careers as performers?) Punchline Magazine compiles...

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Ad parody: President John McCain, in 2014

Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee from Arizona, has a new ad that shows what life would be like in 2013 if he were elected president. The folks at Shoot the Messenger spun this vision a year further to 2014. They unveiled this video at their live weekly show last night. The original campaign ad after the...

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The Hazzards music video, “Always”

New York musical comedy team The Hazzards has a new music video out, titled "Always." Although I suspect that’s not the word, or even the phrase, that’ll be stuck in your head after watching and listening. A few comedians also get cameos (hello, Eric Andre and John F. O’Donnell). I suppose it’s NSFW?...

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