Day: May 19, 2008

Rob Kutner’s new book, “Apocalypse How”

While more than a few writers in the 21st century have turned their blogs into books, Rob Kutner went the more traditional, old-school, route, securing a book proposal, writing the book, then finally going to blogs such as The Huffington Post to promote it. Kutner’s book, Apocalypse How, begins with an introduction that asks the question: Wait, what was that you were saying about the end of the world, again? Then Kutner follows through with helpful hints and advice for turning "the end times into the best of times." He’s also very fond of putting jokes in footnotes. But you can hear him read it yourself at one of these upcoming readings: May 19 in Boston (Pandemonium Books in Cambridge), May 20 at Princeton University, May 21 in Brooklyn (Word) and May 24 in Manhattan (Bluestockings). But back to my initial query about blogging your way into a book deal. Kutner told me that’s not his style. "I think it’s just because, doing the regular blog is very hard," he said. "My hat is off to anyone who has a blog, because I couldn’t do it…It’s like doing an indefinite spec script. Who knows who’s going to pick up on it? With my job being very demanding, it wouldn’t make much sense for me to take all of this time without a concrete possibility of something happening with it."...

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This is not The Office spinoff

This is not The Office spinoff, coming this fall to NBC, nor is it anywhere close to the realm of funny that was the Japanese version displayed on SNL this weekend, but this video set in an office with Craig Robinson and Ed Helms of The Office does show why Funny Or Die continues to exist while most other online comedy video sites do not. It’s the celebrities, stupid. Enjoy. At an Office w/ Craig Robinson & Ed Helms on...

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