Day: May 18, 2008

SNL with Steve Carell, Usher

The season finale closed the door on another edition of Saturday Night Live without any big cast announcements and the biggest surprise giving the Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, not one but two segments during the show. Almost as surprising? Opening the show with a sketch revolving around a school graduation ceremony for students with "funny" names — funny defined as sexual innuendos, with more than a few Harrys, Naylors, Orals, and "classics" such as Mike Hunt, Heywood Jablome and Craven Moorehead. This resulted in a wide casting net for extras! And all for a school named for "war hero" Major Dildo Pounder. Really. This is how they opened the show. Don’t blame me. Host Steve Carell delivered a funny monologue that spun into improvised crowd work based on the premise that Carell drank Red Bull for the first time to make sure his energy was up, but drank six of them, and they just started to kick in now. His wife, actress/comedian Nancy Walls, got a cameo. A fake ad followed playing off the NBA Playoffs ad with players facing off, only SNL made it about Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) and Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler). Predictable but nevertheless humorous, helped out in part due to the idea we wouldn’t have to see these characters in yet another sketch until the fall. After the first commercial break, a...

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