Day: May 16, 2008

Reporter belatedly discovers “reality” of Last Comic Standing

A columnist at the Minneapolis Star Tribune weighed in today on the reality behind "reality" TV show Last Comic Standing, which begins its sixth season on May 22. That’s right. The sixth season. A little late for a journalist to get around to figuring out what’s really going on with the show. Especially since we already knew from the very beginning that NBC casts this as a TV show, and not as a search for the funniest stand-up comedian. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The funniest comedians don’t need Last Comic Standing, because they already have enough exposure and certainly don’t want to have to compete against each other (though that still would make for a very intriguing show), so this is more aptly thought of as the Search For The Next Comedian We Can Turn Into A Household Name, Or At Least Make Some Money From Them. Producers always have the first and last say on who made the cut each season. And all of those thousands of wannabes who stood in lines for hours each winter would see that the only times their linemates made the TV show were to be made fun of — for all of the comedians with agents and managers bypassed the open call lines for timed auditions. This is and always has been the case. We can start...

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Preview: Carlos Mencia, “Performance Enhanced”

Comedy Central is celebrating the upcoming fourth season (fourth season!) of Mind of Mencia with an hourlong special this Sunday for Mr. Ned Holness, aka Carlos Mencia. Here are a few preview clips the network made available of Mencia’s "orginal" and "unique" comedy stylings. The special, "Carlos Mencia: Performance Enhanced," debuts at 9 p.m. Sunday. First up, Mencia "tells it like it is" about his feelings on Islamic roles for women vs. their control over men. After the jump, two more clips. Here, Mencia "tells it like it is" about telling it like it is, particularly when it’s women asking men questions and how men respond. And here, Mencia "tells it like it is" about, oh, how not all white people are racist. And he’s black,...

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Will Franken attempts to explain himself via the Beatles

Ever wonder what’s really going on inside a comedian’s head? Will Franken often lets those inner voices out to play, and in "Side Two of Abbey Road", he tells his life story and his comedy story by wrapping it in and around the Beatles tunes from the final side of their final album. Franken himself says it best near the end of his 12th and final podcast in his series: "Oh, c’mon. This is too many layers. They’re never going to get this!" If you listen to the whole thing, though, or if you’ve seen Franken live before, perhaps it’ll make a lot more sense. Oh, and it’s got some NSFW language and content. Just so you...

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KISS tribute band SMOOCH performs “Deuce”

For proof of the ridiculousness of Gelmania, Brett Gelman’s Wednesday night showcase that replaced Invite Them Up at Rififi, please allow me to enter this video clip as evidence…Gelman leads Dave Hill, Eric Drysdale and Neil Casey as SMOOCH, the KISS tribute band that unfortunately had their instruments and costumes stolen an hour before the show. They did manage to get their makeup right, though! So the show must go on, and onward they go with this little rendition of the KISS song, "Deuce." Enjoy. KISS tribute band SMOOCH!Uploaded by...

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