Day: May 15, 2008

Flight of the Conchords music video, Ladies of the World

More than 480,000 views and counting since Sub Pop Records put this little ditty on the YouTube on Tuesday…it’s "Ladies of the World," by Flight of the Conchords. The song comes from the New Zealand duo’s self-titled record, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts. In week two, it dipped only to #17, and on the May 24 chart list, it’s still hanging around at #46. Earlier: CD and tour...

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Rififi spruced up, still open in the East Village for comedy, burlesque, more

Couldn’t help but notice last night that Rififi, the East Village hotspot for comedy fans that survives death rumors every few months or so, looked a bit spiffier on the inside and the outside. There’s a new bright light sign so passing pedestrians can see that there’s something going on. Fliers promote a Monday night open mic for musicians and poets, as well as a Tuesday night comedy showcase hosted by Kenny Zimlinghaus. That’s in addition to Gelmania, the Wednesday night shebang that’s admirably filled the gap left behind by Invite Them Up with ridiculous themed nights (last night, host Brett Gelman had Dave Hill, Eric Drysdale and Neil Casey backing him in makeup as SMOOCH, a KISS tribute band), Totally J/K on Thursdays, the Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy Show on Fridays, and Barrett and Goldman Present on Saturdays. Burlesque continues on Sundays, and new fliers also promote a late-night dance party on Fridays. So the next time you so-called "hipsters" find yourselves outside 332 East 11th Street and say, hey, is there something going on in there? Yes. Yes, there is. Rififi remains open for...

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Judah Friedlander vs. SNL’s Penelope

The end of another season of NBC’s 30 Rock brought out more than a few new interviews with comedian Judah Friedlander, who not only plays a writer on the show but also writes an official NBC blog in character and contributes his own customized hats for each episode. Here’s a chitty chat with a Philadelphia site, with the New York Observer, with Comedy Central Insider, and with the Neighborbee Blog. All very nice and positive pieces, to be sure. But the Comedy Central interview, in particular, dips its toes into tricky waters — albeit unknowingly, it seems — by referencing a recent 30 Rock plotline about professional jealousy and asking Friedlander about joke stealing. And here is how Friedlander replied: That has happened before, but I never stole anyone’s bit. I’ve had some people come up to me and say, "That’s so and so’s," but I would always talk to that so and so in question, and they’d say, "No, that isn’t mine at all." The follow-up question could have, would have, should have been, oh, Judah, are you referring to how Saturday Night Live‘s Penelope character (played by Kristen Wiig) essentially does the same one-upsmanship conversation trickery that’s a major part of your crowd work and "world champion of the world" routine? When I saw the first Penelope sketch, I thought that Friedlander had something to do with...

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That Eugene Mirman documentary

Eugene Mirman spent some extra time last weekend in the Boston area, not only catching up with old friends but also filming a documentary about his life (thus explaining Michael Showalter following him with a video camera). Mirman told me that process will culminate next year when he travels back to his native Russia and performs a comedy show there. In the meantime…Mirman’s on a brief national tour — Stand-Uppity — with Marc Maron and Andy Kindler. Buy tickets for Sunday in Portland, Ore., May 20 in San Francisco, or May 22 in Los Angeles. His weekly Sunday night show with Showalter at Union Hall, Tearing the Veil of Maya, most likely will take a month off, he tells me, returning in July to coincide with their (and the venue’s) 2-year anniversary. Last year’s first anniversary bash filled the upstairs and the bocce courts with guest performances by Todd Barry, Janeane Garofalo and David Cross. And don’t fret, comedy fans. Union Hall doesn’t appear to be closing anytime soon, despite an odd campaign to revoke its liquor license by a competing bar owner?! A community board meeting last night at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall supported Union...

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