Day: May 12, 2008

Dave Attell returns to TV on Comedy Central’s new version of The Gong Show

Anyone hoping, wishing, waiting for Dave Attell to make his return to TV will be happy to learn that the wait will soon be over. Attell returns to Comedy Central on July 17 with the premiere of the new version of The Gong Show. Yes, that Gong Show. Here’s what Attell had to say to me exclusively about taking over the reins of this talent show gone awry: "The Gong Show is very relevant, because it was in the 70s when the economy was in the sh#$!er and gas was very expensive," he said. "But there’s going to be no Fonz to save us this time." Just Attell, I suppose! Back then, he added: "We were going to elect a Democratic lady named Jimmy Carter. A sassy little lady with a heart of gold." Eight half-hour episodes have been ordered. No word yet on who the "celebrities" will be to make up the judging panel. But if you’d like to take your turn onstage, submissions for contestants are already being accepted at...

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FYI: I’m now selling ads via Adify

Hey readers (and potential advertisers)! The Comic’s Comic is pleased to announce that, thanks to advances at Six Apart, makers of TypePad and therefore providers of the technology making this site possible, has partnered with Adify to provide targeted advertising for my site. If you’d like to place an ad, holler my way — or perhaps better yet, contact Adify — and get in on the ground floor before I realize what I really should be charging for online ad space. Thanks again for your continued support of comedy news and...

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TV upfront season begins with good news for stand-ups

This week the TV networks present their "upfront" fall programming for advertisers, and already, a few stand-up comedians know they’ll have primetime work awaiting them. Fox already has ordered the animated series "Sit Down, Shut Up," from Arrested Development’s Mitch Hurwitz, which features among its voices Maria Bamford and Nick Kroll (as well as Cheri Oteri, Will Forte, Tom Kenny, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett). The upfronts schedule has NBC presenting today, ABC and The CW on Tuesday, CBS and Turner on Wednesday, Fox on Thursday....

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