Day: May 9, 2008

Comedy Underground forced to relocate

I received word yesterday that after 27 years, the Comedy Underground in Seattle has to close up shop in its current location after the show on Tuesday, May 13, for perhaps a year as the entire building gets renovated and retrofitted for seismic safety. The club reported via MySpace and other channels yesterday that: "1) We are planning on returning to the same location when the work is finished (although it will never be the same). It will take at least a year. 2) We are negotiating for space in the neighborhood, and hope to be open no later than July 4. 3) We are doing a "Best of The Comedy Underground" series at the Admiral Theater (cinema) in West Seattle at 10 PM on Friday and Saturday nights in July, August, and September." So there’s that to consider. This news hits me in my sentimental pocket, for it was my home club for my first five years as a comedian, first as an improviser in 1996 (our now-defunct troupe held court there on Wednesday nights), then as a stand-up (my first ever attempt happened at an open mic there in 1997), and also helped give birth to one of my alter-ego characters, Dancing Boy (in which I got looks of shock, amazement and laughter performing in front of national headliners, athletes, celebrities and thousands of other audience members)....

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Shades of Black, the BET taping

Word has it that BET is working on a documentary special for this summer on black comedy. A crew interviewed the members of the Brooklyn Comedy Company (Baron Vaughn, Elon James White, Jordan Carlos and Michelle Buteau) last month and will be recording footage Saturday night at a special edition of their "Shades of Black" show, which also features a set from Chicago’s Hannibal Buress (not pictured!). Tickets are free. But space at The Tank theater in Tribeca is not exactly large. Further info in my upcoming NYC shows calendar. White said he and his comedian cohorts talked about the concept of "black alt" comedy. BET reportedly interviewed Bill Cosby earlier, as well as Cedric the Entertainer and Dick Gregory. "I’m happy they approached us about it," White told me. Go to the taping Saturday night and learn...

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Missing Ricky Gervais

So, yes, The Comic’s Comic has left the big city for more than a few days and ventured out in the world again, this time that part of the world existing north of Boston, where mirth and merriment can indeed exist in the Merrimack Valley if Ricky Gervais decides to write and co-direct his first feature film there. And yet, I keep missing Gervais and his varied comedic crew by just that much. He and the crew of "This Side of the Truth" were in Lowell on Tuesday, while I was stuck in Boston on an all-day quest for truth and justice. Reports had him filming in Haverhill on Thursday, and I was a couple of towns away, but apparently a day late since he’s such a quick worker! He’d filmed that scene and moved on back to Lowell, where he’d been havin’ a laugh at the expense of co-star Jason Bateman. At least Gervais left me this photo of him and Louis CK to put a smile on my face. Still holding out hope for a chance encounter over the weekend, if the comedy gods allow it. Yes, Louis CK shaved. He has blogged about that and more, as...

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SNL launches 2008 Elections page

In case you missed it, Saturday Night Live has decided to break out its political parodies into its own site, SNL Elections 2008 (thanks to Rachel Sklar over at HuffPo for finding this yesterday while I was out and about in the hinterlands of Massachusetts!). They’ve got candidate sections that go back to Chevy’s Gerald Ford as well as Will Forte’s fake candidate, Tim Calhoun. Message boards. A timeline (coming soon, it promises). E-cards. And of course, lots of videos. So if you just want to keep tabs on SNL’s politics, this would be the place to...

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