Day: May 8, 2008

AltCom starts tomorrow. What is AltCom again? A Q&A with the fest’s founder

AltCom, the Alternative Comedy Festival, begins tomorrow, with two shows this weekend at the Somerville Theatre just outside of Boston. Earlier this week, I exchanged notes with headliner Emo Philips about the fest. Now it’s time to check in with the festival’s founder/organizer, Brian Joyce, to find out what this is all about, exactly. I saw Joyce last weekend at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge, but our informal chat and the environment (Celtics and Red Sox games on the tube competing with dancers and drinkers for our attention) proved unconducive for typing on a computer. An online Q&A worked much better. And here it is! Actually, before we begin, know that Brian Joyce also performs as a stand-up, has worked over in Ireland where they like his heritage, and has worked here in the States (I saw him open for Doug Stanhope two years ago). OK. Ready? Continue reading… 1) You said Davis Square is really the only place you could imagine holding your festival? Why is that? I was looking for a small, centralized area where no event like this had existed before. An area with lots of energy, good bars and cafes, a tight-knit community of locals, and most importantly, several venues that are suitable for stand-up comedy. It’s these things that lend the "festival" atmosphere to the event. Davis Square is perfect because it has all...

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Craig Ferguson gets book deal to write memoir

HarperCollins has signed Craig Ferguson to a deal to write his memoirs, "American on Purpose," for publication in fall 2009. The actor/comedian/talk-show host said: "(I) hope that it will inspire other alcoholic punk rock drummers from Scotland to find their true place in U.S. latenight television. I wanted to get the story down before I get so old I forget it and start believing the crap on Wikipedia." (Variety) Earlier: My 2006 interview with...

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