Day: May 5, 2008

Comedy Village closing (moving) May 10

The barkers for the Comedy Village now have something extra to bark about this week on the sidewalks of Greenwich Village, as PJ Landers announced to clubgoers and mailing listers over the weekend that the building has new owners and the club will close May 10. Dave Chappelle continued to make drop-in appearances at the former Boston Comedy Club (which under previous previous owner/manager Barry Katz helped propel more than a few careers) this past weekend (the blog A Day in the Life recounts Chappelle holding the stage for four hours late Saturday night into Sunday morning), while The Apiary publishes the memo from Landers about the club’s immiment departure. A new site for the club has not yet been announced. Which reminds me, here is footage "Big Red" Landers provided of Chevy Chase shaking hands with Dave Chappelle last month onstage at the Comedy Village....

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Video: China, Illinois (a four-part miniseries)

Brad Neely, a mainstay of Super Deluxe since the site went live, debuts a new miniseries today that brings all of his animated characters together in one virtual community. He’ll air a new animated episode every Monday in May, culminating in an actual TV appearance on Adult Swim....

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Robin Williams drops in on, impresses young Chicago comedians

My friends at Chicago comedy chronicler, The Bastion, reported that Robin Williams made the scene at both the Lakeshore Theater and the smaller Town Hall Pub over the weekend, apparently prepping for an apperance on Ellen (he’s listed as the guest on Tuesday, but the show tapes a day in advance). The local stand-ups all had positive things to say about their encounters with Williams, and Hannibal Buress even wrote in to say that he got to perform on Saturday’s show specifically because of Williams: "He found out that my name is Hannibal and he couldn’t believe that there was a comic named Hannibal and he had to see it. That’s how I got to perform on the show." Audiences also seemed more than receptive to the big guy at the little shows, even if his set (much like the recent drop-in I saw of his in NYC) was especially raunchy. UPDATED: If you’re wondering why Robin Williams was wondering about Hannibal Buress, this Chicago Tribune article about Buress that ran May 2 may help connect the...

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CBS Sunday Morning: Your source for TV news about comedy?!

Speaking of comedy on Sunday mornings, what if I told you the serene CBS Sunday Morning turned out to be the best mainstream TV news source for profiling comedy these days? I know. And yet. Yesterday, the program did an in-depth feature on Rita Rudner. In March, a profile of The Onion. February saw a profile of director Jason Reitman and his father, Ivan. Steve Martin got a look-see in late November. There are regular dispatches from Mo Rocca and Ben Stein, plus CBS’s own in-house guy Bill Geist. Here is the video from The Onion...

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