Day: April 25, 2008

Video: Hysterical Festival fundraiser footage

This video contains NSFW material, but you’re not working on Friday, or over the weekend for that matter, are you? So sit back and enjoy footage from the recent Hysterical Festival fund-raiser, featuring Carolyn Castiglia, Rachel Feinstein, Mel and El, Ophira Eisenberg, Bridget Everett, Heather Lawless and Adira Amram. There’s another show going on tonight if you hurry you can make it, if you don’t, you...

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Dude! Bud ad sounds like old Rob Schneider bit

While my computer decided to take most of Friday off, the folks at Gawker pieced together footage showing how Rob Schneider’s bit explaining the multiple uses of the word "dude" during his Young Comedians special in 1989 has resurfaced almost two decades later and repurposed as a nationwide ad for Budweiser. Hence becoming the best publicity for Rob Schneider in years. Here’s the link to the video. Related: It seems like only a year ago that a Bud TV ad was being compared to a sketch from the Whitest Kids U’ Know, because it was only a year ago. Updated (4/27/2008)! The New York Times writes about the guys who wrote and sold the Bud...

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Preview: Drew Hastings, Irked and Miffed

The description of this comedian as known for "his trademark black suit and horn-rimmed glasses" might make you think of another Midwestern stand-up named Drew, but Drew Hastings should not be confused for Drew Carey. Perhaps his hourlong special, Irked and Miffed, will help you understand the differences. It debuts at 11 p.m. Saturday on Comedy Central. Here’s a sneak peek: Comedy Central Insider also tracked Hastings down for a quick interview. In it, we learn that Dave Chappelle isn’t the only stand-up living on a farm in rural Ohio. After the jump, another...

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Added: Festivals and contests page

If you didn’t already notice this, I’ve added a new page to the site today to give you an overview on comedy festivals, music festivals that feature comedy, and comedy competitions across North America (and Scotland, too!). The festivals (and contests) page is located along the right-hand column, and will be updated as needed. Of course, if I’ve missed something or if you have information to share on an upcoming comedy festival or contest, please let me know....

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Festivals (and contests)

An updated schedule of North American festivals featuring comedy and/or comedy competitions: JANUARY 2009 Chicago Sketchfest (Jan. 8-18) SF Sketchfest (Jan. 15-31) South Beach Comedy Festival (Jan. 21-24) FEBRUARY 2009 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (Feb. 13-21) MARCH 2009 Detroit Comedy Fest (March 16-21) SXSW (Austin, Texas) (March 20-21) APRIL 2009 Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland, Ore.) (April 23-26) MAY 2009 AltCom (Somerville, MA) (May 7-10) Sasquatch! Music Festival (George, WA) (May 23-25) Tickets on sale Feb. 28. Comedy lineup includes Zach Galifiankas, Demetri Martin, Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Todd Barry, Jon Benjamin, God’s Pottery, People’s Republic of Komedy & more. JUNE 2009 Sketchfest NYC (June 11-13)  Aspen RooftopComedy Festival (June 11-14)  Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN) (June 11-14) Comedy lineup. Great American Comedy Festival (Norfolk, Neb.) (June 14-20) Just For Laughs (Chicago) (June 17-21) Debut of the Chicago fest. Lineups TBA. JULY 2009 Just For Laughs (Toronto) (July 16-19) Lineups TBA Just For Laughs (Montreal) (July 16-26) Lineups TBA. 27th edition. AUGUST 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Aug. 7-31) Boston Comedy Festival (Aug. 30-Sept. 5) 10th anniversary. Submit by June 1. SEPTEMBER 2009 Vancouver Comedy Festival (Sept. 17-27) Still accepting submissions. FROM 2008… June 17-21, 2008: Skit Skat LiveAug. 7-9, 2008: DC Comedy FestAug. 8-10, 2008: Del Close Marathon (NYC-UCB)September: San Francisco Comedy Competition Oct. 3-12, 2008: New York Underground Comedy Festivalunspecified Fall 2008: Chicago Comedy Fest Nov. 5-9:...

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