Day: April 23, 2008

Missing twins? Damon Lindelof & Jon Fisch

Earlier today, my friends at Comedy Central Insider alleged that Damon Lindelof, head writer, co-creator and executive producer on Lost (new epsiodes return April 24!), looked like a cross between David Cross and Jim Norton. Let me add to this equation, to show that he looks almost exactly like comedian Jon Fisch. QED. You’re welcome? X (classified DNA project)...

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More reviews, interviews with Tim and Eric on tour

Several of my comedy friends have weighed in with early reviews from the start of the Tim and Eric Awesome Tour Live. The Optimistic Curmudgeon (Nick A. Zaino III) caught the first show Monday at TT The Bear’s, a small rock club in Cambridge, Mass., and filed a fairly extensive report. Gabe Delahaye over at Videogum witnessed the duo at their NYC show last night and found that the young boys rather liked getting hit in the face with pizza slices (accompanied by video of same from 2007). And if you’d like to hear Tim and Eric speak seriously about their show, you can thank Whitney Matheson, USA Today‘s pop culture blogger, for this podcast (includes a couple of NYC indie rock songs, too!). A few of my other friends also went last night and have photos with Tim and Eric to prove it! Hint: For earlier posts on Tim and Eric, click on the category tag for them...

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CD preview: Flight of the Conchords

AOL’s music site, Spinner, has the Flight of the Conchords new CD up this week for live streaming, which means you can listen to all 14 tracks and 39:31 of it for free. At least until Spinner changes its preview lineup next week. It may hold you over until January 2009, when the Kiwi duo returns to HBO for their second season of TV tomfoolery. They’re also on tour across America in the coming month, May 5-June 1 (buy tickets here!). Available on iTunes and Amazon...

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