Day: April 21, 2008

Seinfeld joins all-star Gotham benefit Thursday

Tom Papa frequently opens for Jerry Seinfeld on his nationwide theater tour dates, and Seinfeld is returning the favor this Thursday night by performing at a fund-raiser show Papa is throwing at Gotham Comedy Club for his sister’s charity, City Green. Papa explains via MySpace bulletin today: "A little background on the show… I’ve got a sister and she runs a charity called "City Green" that builds gardens in wasted urban spaces. Brings the community together, makes people happy, real do-gooder stuff! But I’m a do-gooder too and I’m putting on a fund raising show for her at the Gotham Comedy Club next Thursday, April 24th at 8pm. All proceeds go to her charity." What more do you need to know? Right. The lineup, in addition to Seinfeld and Papa, includes Jeff Garlin, Colin Quinn, Kevin Brennan and Keith Robinson. It’s a $40 cover and two-drink minimum. Get your tickets before they’re...

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The art of performing unannounced

This piece in the Sunday Times (UK) offers an intriguing look at how London comedy clubs allow famous comedians to perform "anonymously," at least on the listed bill, as mystery guests so audiences don’t get their expectations out of whack. Comedians talk about trying to get ready for a new tour and shaking off the rust (as Chris Rock did, acknowledging to me last summer and fall before his current tour), about how they approach surprise club dates differently from theaters, and how to deal with audience expectations. Here’s one of several good quotes from the article: “It’s about managing expectations,” says the comedian and TV host Dara O’Briain. “If you’ve been away from the circuit, you’re not match fit. And you never know if something’s funny till you say it out loud – the amount of stuff for this tour I’ve had to ditch when I found it wasn’t as funny as it had been in my head.” O’Briain did a dozen club nights of varying degrees of hairiness as he got ready for his current show. “Once the tour starts, you’ve got to be ready,” he says. “No one pays £20 to be on your side as you work through some stuff.” The situation, of course, is not unique to London. The article even describes one comedian watching Rock work out new material at the Comedy Cellar...

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Video: Goodnight, OJ

Anya Garrett shot and edited this offstage look at Livia Scott’s one-woman show, Goodnight, OJ, adapted from actual letters people wrote to OJ Simpson while he was in jail awaiting prosecution for double homicide in 1994. Scott’s stage show returns to the UCB Theatre tonight at 9:30 p.m. (also May 7). After the jump, an earlier onstage video version of the same letter adapted above, from a 2007 performance at the...

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Stand-up comics as bikini babes

The folks at Defamer used this photo of Sarah Silverman to promote her gig over the weekend in Los Angeles. Just when I thought it was safe to cancel my subscription to Rolling Stone. More importantly, though, the photo of Silverman reminded me of a note NYC comedian Heather Fink sent out to her friends via Facebook, MySpace and her email list. Fink told me after sending it that she received both complimentary and odd replies from people. Well, perhaps you should read the note yourselves… Dear Comedy People, I write this because I need you all to know my position, and I need you to stop asking. It happens too damn frequently and no it’s really not a compliment:NO, I will not play a hot babe in your comedy video. I will not wear a bikini in your video. I will not get undressed in your video. I will not do comedy burlesque on your stages. I will not play a hot babe or a sexy chick in your comedy sketch. No I will not do bikini improv or the bikini babes standup comedy tour. Exceptions: You are one of my good friends, and you are a smart comedian who I completely trust, and the joke you are making is worth it – or – I wrote it. As for taking enough money- why would anyone pay me...

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