Day: April 15, 2008

Final deadline to vote for YouTube Sketchies 2!

No extensions for voting in the YouTube Sketchies 2 contest, as today is your last chance to decide which of 10 finalists vying for $25,000 cash, $15,000 worth of production equipment and a meeting with UTA agents. The top 10 all had to incorporate a theme of "living the dream" as well as the word, "indubitably." Which always reminds me of the Schoolhouse Rock video for adverbs. If views are any indication of votes, then the contest is coming down to these two sketches — both magically and coincidentally enough from Brooklyn!? Who got your vote? One of these two, or one of the other final eight? You have until midnight to make your pick. Poykpac presents Voice Talkers Waverly Films presents Sherlockbot & The Case of the Purloined...

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Now accepting donations via PayPal

Happy accident or funny coincidence? After filing my 2007 income taxes, I peered into my mailbox and to what did my wondering eyes appear but my first official commission check from sales you kind readers have purchased via The Comic’s Comic. Thank you for that. And it dawned on me. I’ve finally earned income in 2008. It’s not much at all to look at right now, especially this initial check, though it reminds me that all of the work I put into the site may eventually pay literal dividends. But I need much more support to make this site a long-term success. Toward that goal, I will begin offering ads and already today I have placed a tip jar on the right-hand column (it’s the new highlighted box that says Fund Me!). The headline above says it’s for donations. Since it’s tax day, perhaps you’d rather think of me as your own personal charity case, a tax write-off. I hope and trust, however, that you’d like to invest in me and The Comic’s Comic so I can truly live up to the tagline I wrote in creating this site and and make it your definitive guide to comedy. If you’re a comedian, you know that I’ve been in your shoes and take what you do seriously. Even when it seems we’re merely fooling around. If you’re in the comedy...

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Sam Tripoli’s paralyzed stripper closer

Following up on the comments from my earlier post on parallel thinking that paralyzed strippers are always funny, stand-up comedian Sam Tripoli has the footage from his Premium Blend appearance on Comedy Central, when he got physical for his closing bit about seeing a paralyzed stripper (at Spearmint Rhino, no less, which must be the strip club of choice for West Coast comedy references!). He got big applause then (and an afterthought from host D.L. Hughley), though a Harper’s Magazine article from November 2001 thought his bit during Montreal New Faces didn’t get the same kind of love. For my part, I think it’s all rather odd and amusing that before Saturday night, I hadn’t seen a single sketch that showcased a paralyzed stripper, and now I have seen three. To be fair to Casey Wilson, though, she takes it farther by going quadriplegic, requiring her to maintain character as Dusty Velvet while relying on someone else to make her move it, move it. She certainly cannot bounce around like Tripoli does in the clip below: Sam Tripoli gets a standing O on...

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Video: The Cougar Den on SNL

Finally. NBC releases at least a bit of footage from last weekend’s sought-after SNL sketch, The Cougar Den, featuring a surprise turn by Cameron Diaz. Here, SNL cast member Fred Armisen talks with Diaz backstage about her appearance.And here, while it lasts, is the full sketch. Still waiting for footage from The Mellow Show and quadriplegic stripper Dusty...

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