Day: April 14, 2008

The McCain Girls revealed!

Today’s New York Times says that the McCain Girls videos are a spoof made possible by Who knew? Well, we sorta knew, didn’t we? After more than 1.66 million views of the initial music video parody, "It’s Raining McCain," the Huffington Post’s politically-minded humor spinoff site has come forward and taken credit for it officially on the YouTube channel today. Co-creator Patrick Borelli sat down for an exclusive chat with The Comic’s Comic to talk about the making of the McCain Girls and the aftermath. Which idea came first, Jon Glaser’s Barack Obama-sistible or your guys It’s Raining McCain? Do you guys have a mini-competition going?I’m not sure which idea came first. I think they happened around the same time but independent of each other. I love Detroit Octane. I’ve known Glaser for a while and I’m good friends with the guitarist, Tedward. I love Detroit Octane’s songsā€”they way Glaser sang them is so earnest. But yes, to answer your question, the McCain Girls hate Detroit Octane. (Updated clarification: Brian Spinks, video department guru at 23/6, sent Benjamin and Glaser a bunch of voter-generated campaign songs and asked how we could make fun of them.) What other songs did you guys consider spoofing before you hit upon that one?Jon (Benjamin) and I were on the phone and he told me that 23/6 asked him to do some sort...

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Horrible People season finale!

Could you imagine an entire 10-episode Web series that began and ended within one very NSFW engagement party? A.D. Miles did, and it was Horrible People, which unveils its season finale tonight. Turds! The End? Speaking of the end: Wow. Nicely done. Did not see that coming. Not so nicely done: Whereas the ironic Horrible People pop-up ads added humor, the actual pop-up ads every minute did not. What’s the deal, My Damn Channel? Here’s episode #10 of...

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Highlights: Night of Too Many Stars

Max Silvestri liveblogged the awkwardly amusing Night of Too Many Stars benefit last night on Comedy Central so I wouldn’t have to. The highlight of the night, though, had to be Chris Rock and Steven Wright trading off each other’s jokes (video included when available — the entire show can be streamed online for a limited time here, Rock and Wright are part...

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