Day: April 13, 2008

Video: Paralyzed Stripper AKA “Spearmint Rhino”

While we wait to see if and when NBC puts the SNL sketch featuring Casey Wilson’s paralyzed stripper, Dusty Velvet, on the Internets, here is a similar sketch from the Groundlings, circa 2006, written and performed by Beth Crosby. Crosby’s stripper does have use of her arms, however, whereas Wilson’s Dusty Velvet is paralyzed from the neck down. CLARIFICATION: For the record, I’m not implying anything sinister, as I know that Casey’s Dusty character has been around for years (and appears in the pilot for "The Right Now Show" and other places), so congrats to her for getting one of her own characters on the air. I’m hoping that NBC or one of my trusty readers will find video of Dusty Velvet for all of us to enjoy. (Someone has posted video, and you can find it here) Until then, enjoy this...

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SNL with Ashton Kutcher, Gnarls Barkley

If you had told me that the opening sketch would last nine minutes and 30 seconds, feature all nine regular cast members, and the premise would be Gen. Petraeus testifying before Congress in deadpan, I’d say, "Really?" And I’d mean it in the way Seth Meyers (the other cast member/head writer/Weekend Updater) and Amy Poehler say it in their recurring sketch. Really? Obviously, last week’s Christopher Walken family reunion sketch had an impact on the writing process this week. Let’s try that again, shall we? That’s what she said, and he said, and they said! All three presidential contenders were on display, with Darrell Hammond as John McCain, Poehler as Hillary Clinton and Fred Armisen bringing his meh Barack Obama out of the cupboard. Here it is. Ashton Kutcher’s monologue stressed how he’s a producer (forget about his acting, won’t you please?). Speaking of which, who produced that scarf?! His wife, Demi Moore, makes a cameo. Ads, ads, wait a second, this is an ad for Kutcher’s upcoming movie, What Happens in Vegas, and his co-star is Cameron Diaz. I smell foreshadowing. And look, it’s fictional TV show, The Cougar Den, with co-hosts Poehler, Kristen Wiig and Casey Wilson. This is my early vote for best sketch of the night that’s also not on SNL’s video site (maybe it’ll turn up later on Hulu? or YouTube?). Kenan Thompson plays...

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Reese Waters on GMA ABC News Now

Reese Waters, who won the Carolines March Comedy Madness competition earlier this month, gets part of his prize last week with an interview on Good Morning America NOW (read: online) courtesy of Lee Woodruff (wife of Bob and co-host of an all-star special at last year’s New York Comedy Festival) and Caroline Hirsch (the Caroline of Carolines!), plus a performance. The sharing/embed buttons don’t seem to work right now. If I (or you) can figure it out, you’ll see the video directly here. Until then, click here for the direct link to Waters’ interview and...

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