Day: April 10, 2008

The Men Behind The McCain Girls

Around the same time that Jon Glaser’s Barack Obama-sistible song parody hit the Internets, the folks at 23/6 also decided to pluck a YouTube video from obscurity and shine a spotlight on the McCain Girls. Coincidence? The Washington Post didn’t think so, and suggested a connection in a March 24 blog post. As It’s Raining McCain kept racking up page views, people wondered if this was a joke to bash McCain or a sincere effort to help him, a la Obama Girl. McCain himself told FOX News yesterday that he liked the videos and had a sense of humor about it all. But Karina Longworth at New TeeVee reported that she’d heard Jon Benjamin acknowledge at a show at Union Hall that not only was there indeed a 23/6 connection, but also his direct involvement in writing and producing the song. Glaser and Benjamin have performed and produced shows together over the years. And Benjamin also has a frequent co-conspirator in Patrick Borelli, with whom he has co-written a Super Deluxe series (Thunderpoint) as well as two episodes of Assy McGee (see a picture of Borelli and Benjamin celebrating the latter with Assy’s voice actor, Larry Murphy). The men are staying mum on the subject for now. We’ll see if we can pry something out of them soon enough. Until then, enjoy these videos, again or for the first...

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Jon Glaser’s political rock opus: Barack Obama-sistible!

The ongoing coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign has taken more than a few funny turns in the past month, and Jon Glaser is responsible for one of those turns. Here, he and his "band" Detroit Octane display their prowess for song parodies by penning and explaining their new hit song, "Barack Obama-sistible!" (23/6) I think this is even funnier than the actual music video, which appears after the jump. Related: A 2006 Gothamist/Ben Kharakh interview with...

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New HBO Entertainment chief married to comedian

Anyone who worried about the future of comedy on HBO after the departure of Chris Albrecht and the end of the Aspen festival can maybe take a quick sigh of relief. Sue Naegle, named HBO’s new president of HBO Entertainment yesterday and put in charge of all series programming and specials, is not only the former head of the TV department at UTA (where she helped bring Six Feet Under to HBO), but also the present and future wife of writer/comedian Dana Gould. So that’s good. Right? Right. Of course, it is. Phew. I feel better now. How about...

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Louis CK unveils new site, new HBO photos

After much delay and even more prodding, Louis CK pulled back the curtain and launched a newly designed online presence. In doing so, he revealed that while filming "a far bigger part than I am qualified to do" in Ricky Gervais’ new comedy, This Side of the Truth (in production in Massachusetts this month), he has managed to pretty much complete editing of his latest hourlong special, which he taped in Boston at the end of February. The photo here comes from that special, Chewed Up. IMDB says it’ll air on HBO. But when? CK writes: "This special will probably air some time this spring or summer, after which that material will then be retired, and I’ll start all over again." Amazing, but...

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Carolyn Castiglia will rap again on VH1

Last night’s special "on-air" edition of Jon Friedman’s Rejection Show featured some very fresh and updated tales of failure and humiliation from comedians. Carolyn Castiglia, castigated by not only anonymous online commenters but also on TV by Jimmy Kimmel (ABC) and Joel McHale (E!) for her performance last year on The (White) Rapper Show, got invited back on TV to compete on the new reality competition show, ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme. The show debuts Monday at 10 p.m. on VH1. You can sneak a peek at the entire premiere on and see whether MC Serch can handle what Miss CKC is putting down, freestyle! Also, Khia returns to show us if she’s got more than just My Neck, My Back. There’s rapper-on-rapper kissing and much more foolishness in store. In this teaser clip, you get glimpses of Miss CKC dancing in the background and rapping her "booty" off....

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