Day: April 9, 2008

Music video: Political Sex Scandals

I heard Mark Douglas perform this song acoustically last night at the Drink at Work show at Ochi’s Lounge, which was fun and all, but I wish he’d mentioned this music video. What’s it like to work with Obama Girl, Mark??? Enjoy. (It’s also on the YouTube...

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Mortified returned to New York City for another production at Comix on Monday night, in which real people share stories and written personal documents from their formative, and always mortifying, adolescence — the premise being, that years later, those journals, diary entries, artistic endeavors and everything else can be looked at and laughed at fondly. Groups have sprouted in several cities, including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Portland (Ore.) and San Francisco. Some highlights from Monday night (with photographs by Anya Garrett, thanks Anya!). Co-organizer Anne Altman (pictured above and also here) also pens a very funny blog called Two Can Anne that you should read every day. Write back! What else have we learned? (Links go to photos)Eliot Glazer kept a travel journal as the oldest Jew for a young man. Nicole Maus wrote porn in the sixth grade that always seemed to involve mud-wrestling! Sounds like fun. Margot Leitman practiced writing letters to Kirk Cameron before writing him everyday for reals. Michele Colyn used to almost be a rock star. Adam Wade wrote a poem and made ice cream for the girl of his teen dreams. Andrea Crossman thought life would be better in Minneapolis. Anne Sullivan could’ve been Mrs. Nick Rhodes. You really should’ve been there. Or you’ll have to ask organizer Brandy Barber, who kept better notes than I...

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In other news

The Village Voice reviews last week’s Rock ‘n ROFL, describes comedians as "not-quite-midlevel" (whatever that means) despite headline proclaiming them "princes of comedy," possibly revealing crush on Greg Johnson and definitely a comedy crush on Reggie...

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Online videos and the rebranding of Sony’s CSpot

Crackle arrived on the scene during the great online comedy video gold rush of 2007 in which many sites appeared but few managed to grab permanent hold on our collective consciousness. Remember This Just In (HBO/AOL) and Dot Comedy (NBC)? Of course you don’t, unless you worked for those sites or knew someone who did. Not your fault. A flood of online comedy videos have arrived, all vying for your short attention spans. When you’re looking for a funny video, or merely a distraction from work or study, where do you go? And if you’re hoping to attract those viewers, how do you go about it and whom do you have on your team to represent you? The calculated and sometimes mad dash to scoop up talent was on.  (CollegeHumor and The Onion already had built-in readerships they could turn into viewerships.) The new sites that remain all rely on the comedic weight of their talent rosters. My Damn Channel found crossover success in Harry Shearer’s Found Objects series that shows how big shots can seem rather small when the cameras continue to roll, and carved out a niche with series from David Wain and A.D. Miles. Wainy Days is up for a Webby Award, too. Funny or Die went the celebrity route and made a big splash with Will Ferrell. Their continued use of celebrities keeps it in...

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