Day: April 8, 2008

DVD review: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing

Mike Birbiglia’s latest special, What I Should Have Said Was Nothing: Tales From My Secret Public Journal, released today. You’ve seen some of it already on Comedy Central (which broadcast about 44 minutes of it in February, and video clips plus my interview with Birbiglia then can be found here). The DVD includes the full 56-minute performance and 26-minute encore, along with another 26-minute documentary called "Strictly For Fans," which would be pretty much anyone who buys the DVD. I’ve gone on record before applauding Birbiglia’s talents as an engaging and sincere storyteller, and that’s all on display on this DVD. For me, the true extras on his "extras" track arrive when the comedian isn’t telling jokes but in between, when he’s taking requests, recounting an incident on tour last year with his "A-Team Van," and talking about the show itself. At one point, he acknowledges after a laugh line: "That’s a callback to a joke I didn’t do! How about that for a show?!" At another, he wonders aloud if the audience could hear him talking while they were laughing. The result: More laughter. Don’t worry. As a viewer, you can hear it all just fine. There’s also more guitar, not only in his encore at the NYU performance, but also on the documentary, shot in the spring of 2006 on his "Medium Man on Campus" tour. Though...

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Welcome, Videogum

Today marks the launch of Videogum, the Stereogum spinoff helmed by leading bloggers Gabe Delahaye and Lindsay Robertson. They also co-host the monthly Ritalin Readings series at the Slipper Room, so now they’re doubly delicious. If that makes sense. You can see how well they already work together by reading this post in which Lindsay dares Gabe to display a sign for her on The Today Show. Gabe and Lindsay will be digging up, digging on and sharing videos from the world with us daily. One thing Gabe already found that I appreciate is the SNL sketch from this past weekend featuring guest host Christopher Walken in "Indoor Gardening Tips From A Man Who’s Very Scared of Plants." Enjoy! UPDATED! (4/9) NBC figured out that people really wanted to see this sketch online again and again, because they’ve gone and put it online themselves on the SNL site and also on Hulu, so don’t fret about the YouTube clip getting pulled. It’s known online as "Googly Eyes Gardener." OK. Now...

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TV tonight: Clint Black attempts stand-up

CBS trots out Secret Talents of the Stars tonight (10 p.m. Eastern), with the aforementioned stars pitted against each other in brackets. Clint Black takes on Sasha Cohen in comedy. No, not Sacha Baron Cohen, but rather, the figure skater. And her "secret talent" is a contortionist routine. Alrighty then. From the teaser clip, some wit and wisdom from Clint Black: "I’ve always been able to write a joke or two. And some of the things that I can come up with on the spot, I can come up with a few funny things, and you know, people that don’t expect you to be funny think you’re very funny when you do that." Get ready to feel the excitement! The CMT news team also caught up with Black for an interview, in which he reveals that this was his manager’s idea, that he thinks "original material" is the only way to go, unless things go in the toilet, and then his jokes will go there, too, and that he has a "comedy whisperer" in Wayne...

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Mike Birbiglia’s TV family cast

Bob Odenkirk, Rachel Blanchard and Phil Hendrie will join the pilot for Mike Birbiglia’s potential CBS sitcom, Mike Birbiglia’s Secret Public Journal. (THR) Birbiglia stars as himself. Odenkirk plays his older brother (Joe Bags?). Blanchard plays his "sensible but adorable live-in girlfriend," while Hendrie portrays his doctor (or will he be the therapist?). Stay tuned. Production and taping expected later this...

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