Day: April 7, 2008

Seen and Heard

Last night at Union Hall (Park Slope, Brooklyn!), a three-for-one nighter, with Eugene Mirman hosting Tearing the Veil of Maya with guests that included Reggie Watts, Zach Galifianakis and Tim Minchin, followed by Sara Schaefer’s Name That Tune live game show, followed by a viewing party for the second season premiere of Assy McGee, voiced primarily by Larry Murphy, on Adult Swim. Quotable: "I’m glad this is going well. I want my stuff to be Merchant Ivory, but it’s more Merchant Ivory Wayans." — Zach Galifianakis Best team name of the night: Nobody Puts Jerry Orbach’s Eyes in the Coroner Pictured above (captured digitally by Eugene Mirman): Patrick Borelli, H. Jon Benjamin and Larry Murphy as The Perfect Storm: Gloucester’s Premier Trance Band and Music...

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The 50 funniest jokes of the past year?

Sunday’s New York Post ran a top 50 jokes of the past year list that’s sure to generate reader debate and discussion, much like these lists always set out to accomplish in the first place. And if you read the list closely, you can already see that it’s not necessarily the best or top 50 jokes overall, but merely the favorite jokes from a select group of comedians, accompanied by those comedians listing their favorite jokes from other stand-ups. An odd list to say the least. Few got me literally laughing out loud. I did enjoy the bits picked from John Oliver, Liam McEneaney, Carolyn Castiglia, Marc Maron and Dave Attell. But the first joke on the list stopped me in my tracks, because I knew I’d heard it before, and not from Roseanne, although she’s given credit for it in the publication. Here’s the joke in question: A doctor tells a guy: "I have bad news. You have Alzheimer’s, and you have cancer." Guy says, "Thank God I don’t have cancer." Now I know I’ve heard Gilbert Gottfried tell this joke live onstage last year. And it’s on his CD/DVD, Dirty Jokes (though that doesn’t mean it was his, since that set is a collection of his old favorites, including stock material, right?). Roseanne wrote it down on her blog last December, without attribution other than titling the...

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Review: Tim Minchin at New World Stages

And the award for Best Off-Broadway Show You Only Have A Week Or Less to Enjoy goes to…Tim Minchin’s one-man show at New World Stages. Six shows remain, tonight through Saturday (April 12). Why must you see Tim Minchin? Well, I already tried to tell you this back in November, when I saw him perform an hour for industry folk and tourists at The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. Minchin returned to New York City for a six-week run that began five weeks ago, and in the past week, he has teased the crowds at the UCB Theatre (last Monday) and Union Hall (last night) with a taste of his show, which in its full theatrical production is a 105-minute tour de force of musical and comedic showmanship. Plenty of audio and video of Tim Minchin exists online, including on his own site. But it’s best to discover Minchin for the first time live onstage. His opening number, "I’m So F**king Rock," serves as a slow burn of a reveal as to what he’s all about (Note: He also has a funny bit later on about what I did just there with the asterisks). Even with the grand piano and the lights and the theatrics, Minchin manages to sneak up on new audience members. It helps that he is a brilliant pianist. He says in the show that he’s...

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