Day: April 4, 2008

Behind the CCP: Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly went with a basic, theatrical background for his Comedy Central Presents, which debuts tonight at 10 p.m. His wardrobe also fairly simple: Black jacket, T-shirt, jeans. His fiancee explained to me back on that night in August, "He didn’t want anything to distract from him." It worked. His 36-minute set had no dead spots — so it’ll be interesting to see what Comedy Central cuts to fit the "22 minute half-hour" of TV — and the crowd rewarded him with a standing ovation. Among the audience members, friend Colin Quinn, Opie from Opie & Anthony, and practically the entire crew from the Comedy Cellar. No cursing. Kelly went ahead and changed out any profanity with TV-clean words. It was as if he was daring the network to go ahead and give him an hour. Instead, he’ll get a full-length DVD to accompany his CD, "Just The Tip," when it comes out on Tuesday. Clips follow after the jump. Here, in this interview segment, Kelly explains a classically bad gig back in Boston when he and Dane Cook were part of an improv group. Food, food and more food. Does that make the KFC ad funnier? He didn’t look like this when he was...

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Qs and As with Larry Murphy

Larry Murphy voices all of the main characters for Assy McGee, the animated series about a unique detective for the Exeter, N.H., police department. The show begins its second season on Adult Swim on Sunday night (well, early Monday, 12:30 a.m.). Murphy is quite the character. In fact, if you see him live, you could say he's just as animated and funny onstage as he is doing voiceover work. You can catch him every Friday night at Rififi for the ECNY Award winning variety show, The Greg Johnson & Larry Murphy Show. Let's learn a little more. First question, please! Where does each voice for Assy McGee originate? Most of them are very bad impersonations. If they were good ones you would know who I was doing. Others are based people I've known. Do you go through the stereotypical actor's questioning of "what's my motivation" for each character?I hope I never asked that "Acting Question" about "Motivation." Generally whoever you might be asking that of is looking to you to provide the answer. If something is written well it usually tells you what to do just fine. How did you decide how a talking, walking ass would talk? Before I auditioned they specifically asked for a voice that was out of breath. I just kept thinking about the fat, sweaty, boozy Police Captain Orson Welles played in Touch of...

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Preview: Billy Gardell, CCP

Billy Gardell is so much of a Billy and not just a Bill (or a Will or a William) that in each of his previous three co-starring roles on primetime television (My Name Is Earl, Heist, and Yes, Dear), even his character’s name has been Billy. Gardell has been a fixture on the recent Jameson Irish Whiskey Comedy Tours. If you’re in Nashville, you can see him live at Zanies this weekend. Tonight, his half-hour Comedy Central Presents debuts. Here’s a clip! More clips and interview footage after the jump. And don’t think I wouldn’t notice your redesign,! Looking good. Interview: Drinking at...

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Cash Cab on the Today Show

As my friends at Best Week Ever would say, in case you missed it, Ben Bailey and his Discovery Channel "Cash Cab" got an extra special promotional push this week on NBC’s Today show. Meredith and Ann took on Matt and Al. And if Ben Bailey thought he got recognized beforehand, he’ll certainly get a lot more notice on the streets of New York now. If only MSN would get onboard the embed train… TODAY takes a ride in ‘Cash Cab’ Related: Comedy Central will re-air Ben Bailey’s Comedy Central Presents tonight at...

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IFC renews Whitest Kids, adds comedies

IFC has said yes to a third season of televised sketch comedy from The Whitest Kids U’ Know. Two new episodes remain in the group’s second season, and you can find videos on their IFC site (including from the first season when they were on FUSE). Here’s a music video from Trevor that takes patriotism to another level. In related news, IFC also ordered 10 episodes of a "semi-scripted" comedy, Z Rock, about a real band trying to hit it big. The show debuts in September with a recurring cameo role for Greg Giraldo. Further related: This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and I’ve added a widget for them on my page so you can keep up with industry news, too. Check it...

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