Day: April 3, 2008

Go see a show tonight!

If you’re reading this, then 1) you’re a fan of live comedy, and 2) you could be going out to a live comedy show tonight! So why don’t you? New Yorkers can check out my Google calendar on this page for a list of guaranteed fun times. For fans of mainstream comedy clubs and other comedy fans around the nation, please refer to my "This week in comedy clubs" page for headlining acts this weekend (Updated every Monday, with links to each club for specific show/club info). Pre-P.S. Just got a note from Max Silvestri announcing a last-minute cancellation of his "I Like Attention" show tonight at Sound Fix Records in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From Max: "Hi guys, I just now got a voicemail at 6:15pm from the owner of Sound Fix saying that the venue has been shut down by the Department of Health. They just found out minutes ago that if they were to open, even without alcohol, they’d be subject to heavy fines. I am really really sorry, everybody.  Next...

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Reese Waters wins March Comedy Madness

Carolines closed out its second annual March Comedy Madness on Tuesday night with two very intriguing Final Four matchups. One half of the bracket pitted boyfriend against girlfriend, while the other half could best be described as the single white guys uncomfortable with the ladies division. Comedians performed with a scoreboard clock ticking behind them, as well as his or her competition sitting and/or standing on the side of the stage. First semifinal: Boyfriend against girlfriend, aka Reese Waters vs. Liz Miele. Waters (pictured) went first and, after a hesitant first 30 seconds warming up to the crowd, he really delivered with a fresh and funny take on Obama vs. Hillary and picking between a black man and a white woman, spinning it in turn on the audience’s choice between himself and Miele. Miele’s best jokes, coincidentally, came late in her five-minute set with bits about dating a black guy (though she never name-checked Waters specifically). Second semifinal: Single white guys uncomfortable with the ladies, aka Dan Hirshon vs. Rob O’Reilly. Hirshon went with awkward and insecure, while O’Reilly went with overcompensating overconfidence. Hirshon also talked about his Jewishness with bits about failing an audition for an extra in The Departed and working at Bertucci’s. O’Reilly opened strong with an act-out joke about having sex and being farsighted, then kept talking about sex. The finals: Waters vs. O’Reilly. But...

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Can you guess 2008’s fastest-selling DVD?

Hint: It was the 2007 movie Alvin and the Chipmunks, which sold 2.6 million copies yesterday in its DVD debut (Variety). FOX also is promoting the DVD with a live touring stage show in shopping malls. And no, David Cross is not on that tour. Last night, in fact, Cross performed at Ochi’s Lounge, the basement lounge of Comix comedy club in Manhattan for Andres du Bouchet’s new monthly show. In case you or Patton Oswalt or anyone else were curious. But back to Alvin, Simon and Theodore…wow! Then again, I had no idea that movie managed to tally more than $216 million at the box...

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Seinfeld’s car crash in the Hamptons (He’s OK!)

Jerry Seinfeld flipped his car in the Hamptons on Saturday night after the brakes gave out on his 1967 Fiat. So I take it news travels slowly back from the Hamptons to New York City?! Because the New York Post claims an exclusive on the story today, which is Thursday. Five days later. It takes five days for the world to find out that Seinfeld was in a car crash in New York? Ahem. Anyhow. Here is the Post’s story, which quotes both Jerry and wife Jessica as well as the East Hampton police chief. The New York Times follows up with some questioning of the car in question. And my friends at Punchline Magazine report that Seinfeld was OK enough to show up last night for an unannounced guest set at the Comedy Cellar, where I’d suppose he might have mentioned it, or...

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