Day: April 1, 2008

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Some of my friends and colleagues in the world of comedy can be found linked from this site under the heading, "More on Comedy." Let’s see what they’ve been up to recently! Brooklyn Vegan threw its second Rock n ROFL party last night. Pictures here!My friend Carl Arnheiter has another episode of his insightful Inside Joke this week, with Chevy Chase as his guest.Punchline Magazine just posted a good interview with my friend Robert Kelly (who has his half-hour Comedy Central Presents and a new CD coming out all in the next week, so you’ll hear from me about this, too!).Shecky Magazine, which usually has good info from its spies, purports to list this season’s houseguest finalists (back in a house!?) for Last Comic Standing, and if they’re right, then I personally know two of the acts (and three of the finalists). Which already puts this season on my must-watch list for the summer!The Apiary has launched/renamed some regular features with bee-themed names (The Honey Shot = reader-submitted photos; Daily Bee-Log = notes from blogs of others) to fit the site’s title.The Bastion may be April Fooling around.Ken Carlson’s new issue of The Comedians is out and available in selected stores in NYC, Boston and Chicago, with interviews of Emo Philips (I’m quoted!), Andres du Bouchet, Jiwon Lee and William Stephenson, insight from publicist Kambri Crews, and humor from...

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Carolines Final Four: March Comedy Madness

Carolines plays host tonight to the Final Four in its 2008 edition of March Comedy Madness, in which 64 comedians compete but only one wins. Last year’s winner: Julian McCullough. Last year’s runner-up, Rob O’Reilly (pictured), makes a return trip to the Final Four tonight, and shared some insight with us about the process and the particular peculiarities: "This year it’s me versus Dan Hirshon on one side and Liz Miele vs. Reese Waters on the other side. Interesting side note is that those two are dating. Weirder side note is that so are me and Hirshon. We do 5 minutes in the final 4 and 10 minutes if you make the finals." The early rounds got judged by a laughometer (or laugh o’meter, or Laugh-O-Meter, depending upon your pronounciation preferences), while tonight’s semifinals and finals decide winners by audience ballot. The showdowns begin tonight at 9:30 p.m. at Carolines. Will the fact that O’Reilly and Miele recently both taped Live At Gotham give them a competitive advantage? You’ll just have to go and find...

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Human Giant: Reenactment

Remember that "Crimetime" sketch that Human Giant has screened for a year now but had trouble getting on the air? You can remember them talking about it at the UCB in December 2007. Well, here it is, as seen in the second season currently airing on MTV. <a href="">Human Giant – Reenactment</a> on <a href=""></a> Coincidentally, the guys from Human Giant talk shop at 6 p.m. today at the Paley Center for Media. A new episode airs at 11 p.m. tonight, and you can see all of their sketches...

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