Day: March 31, 2008

No Prior Knowledge: Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica begins its fourth and final season April 4 on SciFi, and comedian/vlogger Sean Crespo has a pretty good idea of what you should expect to learn as the immensely popular remake nears its epic conclusion. Even though he hasn’t seen a single episode from season four. That’s why his new Television Without Pity vlog series is called "No Prior Knowledge." Crespo gets an assist here from Baron Vaughn, Carol Hartsell and Sara Jo Allocco. Note: Currently experiencing embedding difficulties. Please try this link instead. Thanks for your...

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Mon Dieu! Horrible People #8

If it’s Monday, it must be time to check in on the satirical, definitely NSFW soap opera, Horrible People. Now with subtitles! Pardon my French, s’il vous plait. Merci. I mean, mercy! With a bilingual bit from Bobby Tisdale, as...

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Meet Myq Kaplan

Perhaps you’ve already met Myq Kaplan. Or, if you’re like many millions more who haven’t yet made his acquaintance, and only read on my site that he is becoming quite the stand-up comedian, perhaps you need more of an introduction. Kaplan is one of those up-and-coming comedians from Boston that I really wanted to write about while working at the Boston Herald, but kept waiting for that right moment when he’d hit that sweet spot — the moment when an aspiring comedian jumps up to an entirely new level of professional growth in terms of material, delivery and stage presence and you know that you need to tell everyone you know to go check him out. In the past year, Kaplan came oh-so-close to winning the Boston Comedy Festival’s contest, frequently opened on the road for Mike Birbiglia, and reached the finals of Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight. Three weeks ago, he taped a set for Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, which certainly turned heads from the audience, industry and other comedians. Earlier that week, he performed a similar set at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Mass., that earned him kudos from Eddie Brill and a spot in this summer’s Great American Comedy Festival. And here is that set. Ladies and gentlemen, Myq Kaplan! Check out this video: Myq Kaplan at the Comedy Studio Add to My Profile |...

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Family Ties compared to Final Four squad

After watching hours upon hours of college basketball this month, Gary David Goldberg sees a similarity between winning hoops teams and his 1980s sitcom, Family Ties. Do you agree? If so, what position did Skippy play, team manager? Would that make Nick the sixth man? I’ve already read too much into this. It’s madness, I tells ya! (Huffington...

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Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union

The first of five episodes of Tracey Ullman’s new Showtime series, Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union, debuted last night. It’s her third go on TV with her multi-character comedy sketches, following previous Emmy-winning runs on FOX in the late 1980s and HBO in the late 1990s. Once again, she’s got a lot of voices in her head just waiting to come out, and thanks to hair and makeup, she melds into many varied roles here, too. This time, the show’s structure, a narrated mocumentary that follows a day in the life of America and Americans, hops and leaps from one scene to the next — in the debut episode alone, Ullman introduces 16 different characters in 24 minutes (39 characters overall this season). Some are real people (Laurie David, Arianna Huffington, Nancy Pelosi, Tony Sirico, Rita Cosby, David Beckham, Campbell Brown and Dina Lohan) while others are imagined impressions on everyday and not-so-everyday folk to comment upon the issues of the day. Here’s a clip of Ullman as Huffington: The debut kicks off with a Bangladeshi woman who has to work three jobs, and returns to her at episode’s end, with narrator Peter Strauss intoning, "There are approximately 12 million undocumented workers ni the United States. Nine hundred joined us within the last 24 hours. Good night, America." Other voiceovers aren’t quite so serious. Nor are all of...

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